So for the longest time I used an Alienware X51(not the R3) for gaming, it had a 750ti and some i7 processor which I cant be bothered to remember. With the new pascal cards coming out from NVIDIA I wanted to jump on the hype train with a custom built computer. This computer will probably be my main computer for the forseeable future, I plan to upgrade it as new stuff comes out.

*this is like the 5th version of the build i started this list one year ago, and it got updated as various parts came out.

Processor: i7-6700K The 6700K is arguably one of the best consumer grade chips out there right now. though the 6950X is godlike, it comes with a godlike price as well. Plus who needs 10 cores for gaming.

CPU cooler: Hyper 212 EVO I didn't go with water cooling even though it would be much better for overclocking and performance in general I wanted to go with something simpler, and I might get one in the future.

Motherboard: ASUS Z170-Deluxe I mainly chose this one over the X99 one because it had wireless. I haven't been able to get a ethernet port or a cable that could reach the room where this computer is so I went with one that supported wireless.

Memory: Kingston savage 32gb Now this is definitely one of the more overkill parts of this build, 32gb of ram is definitely more than enough and I would have been better off saving money and sticking with 16, but i had spare money in the budget so why not

Storage: Samsung 850 EVO and WD Black 7200rpm Not much to say about this, just looked at what was best and stuck with it

Graphics card: GTX 1080 FE yea yea, I probably spent a bit too much money on the graphics card, I could have waited to get one of the EVGA SC or any other non-reference design, but hey, it's the founders edition, also the list lies. I ended up getting mine from ZOTAC.

Case: NZXT S340 Razer Yes I went with the razer one just because literally all my peripherals are razer, I have a black widow, naga, Man'O'War, and a golaithus. The S340 is a great case, I chose it over the H440 because prefer the cable management bar over the grommets. Though its size makes the basement a little more difficult but I didn't have too much trouble with it.

Power supply: Corsair HX750i Modular 750 watts is a bit much for this build, it barely breaks 500 watts, but i plan to add more stuff in the future, possibly even another 1080 so just staying ahead of the game.

OS: Windows 10 nothing to say here.

So thats the build...

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Nightmare to install, but once you actually see how you do it and you put it in properly it works like a charm


Green lights. The Cable management bar was surprisingly effective for me. Also a surprisingly plentiful amount of expansion slots for a mid tower with good IO and nice pre managed cables.

Operating System

It isnt windows 7, but its still pretty good

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  • 46 months ago
  • 2 points

you can buy a powerline adapter for $30 so you can get ethernet in any room of your house check it out

  • 46 months ago
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I like the idea of Noctua fans for the intake, help get as much air flow as possible out of that case. Great build! Only recommendation would be to zip tie that CPU fan cable so it's a bit more tucked away. Other than that awesome job! +1

  • 46 months ago
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uh i need 20 cores for minesweeper and 65 titan X (pascal) on my 1366x768 resolution 2 inch monitor

nice build

  • 46 months ago
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I would tie up the slack from that cpu cooler cable. Kool clean simple build.

  • 46 months ago
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+1 For Alienware Build... i7 and 750ti XD