My build is balanced for most types of workloads and games. I usually game and do some Photoshop and Illustrator work alongside coding in Android Studio and NetBeans. My CPU cooler predates since Intel E6300 Core2Duo cpu and it has ever since hosted intel heavy overclocked i5's. Currently running at 4.05Ghz@1.25v for 24/7 use but able to go up to 4.3Ghz@1.33v stable with my chip. I picked the memory for the low latency alongside a decent 2400Mhz, case with no window for maximum quiteness and possibility of upgrade to custom loop. Currently with 4 case fans and my CPU cooler, the CPU is under 60°C and my GPU is peaking 75°C during heavy gaming. The monitor I have is an IPS with good latency and ghosting while also being overclocked to 80Hz on the DisplayPort. My power supply is actually a 80+ Bronze 600W Sirtec (HighPower) Element Bronze II which isn't listed on PcPartPicker but at the same price as this Thermaltake SMART 650W that I selected. The last addition to my case is the Cooler Master case fan that has higher pressure and flow with a high amount of noise for which I've made a low noise adapter (same as the noctua fans have) but the cooler being different specs I had to buy the parts and create the adapter myself. Now it's running at around 1100rpm and the noise is very very low compared to it going at 2000rpm. This being my personal PC it's getting transformed by the time and new products that are released so the build date is not relevant, I've added the last date that I modified my PC which is 19/09/2016.

Overclocking the vram at 2150Mhz will produce a small amount of errors but it's giving a performance boost. At 2100Mhz there are no errors.

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How is the RX 480 performing? I want to purchase one soon.


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Hello, I was wondering since you built this PC a while ago how is your experience with Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop? I'm having problem with my NVIDIA GTX 970 and Adobe CC 2015.5 with slow downs and crashes. I am wondering if people with different cards have a better result. Thanks!

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