This was built to replace my current Windows 7 PC. It will be a basic black box for 1080P gaming and work duties. It will be used as my backup box for when I am servicing my water cooled build. Going air cooled and AMD on this one. Trying to keep build under $1000.00. Almost made it...

The case does not have real good airflow, but it will fit into a thin place on the left of my desk so the design is tailor made for what I need here. I seen where other people modded their case to fit a 360 mm radiator, so I am going to do the same thing except hang three fans in the front and two fans on top on exhaust. I also added a 120 fan on intake on the bottom. Of course with the additional fan that means I lose the ONLY place to put an SSD on this build. Or does it? I added an "EKWB EK-UNI Pump Bracket (120mm Fan) Vertical" which allowed me to mount the SSD vertically above the fan facing the acrylic window AND I mounted the Aqua Computer Quadro behind the SSD. Both were mounted on wide Velcro tape.

Of course I swapped out the TT PCIE riser (as indicated in most builds of this case) and put in a "LINKUP PCIe 3.0 [Future 4.0 Ready] 16x 64GB/s Shielded Twin-axial PCI Express Riser Cable Port Extension Card | Universal 90 Degree Socket {20 cm}". This PCIE riser cable had a shorter 20cm cable AND a nice tight right angle connector. This allowed me to fit a full width 25mm fan up above the video card. IF YOU BUILD WITH THIS CASE I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PCIE RISER, OR SOMETHING SIMILAR!

I did real good with deals on eBay. Got a good open box deal on both the the CPU ($140) and the Mobo ($90). They both were brand new and unused. All parts were in the box and there were no tool marks. I got an MSI Radeon RX 590 8 GB ARMOR OC Video Card for $200. Picked up an Aquacomputer QUADRO pwm fan controller for $26. I actually bought three at this price and saved two for future builds. I love the Aquacomputer Aquasuite product line. I didn't know fan control until I bought this stuff. All previous fan controllers were a PITA!

I scored some good deals direct from Corsair. I picked up five refurbished ML 120's with White LEDs for $18 each which are now my intake and exhaust fans (should have bought six). I also found the Corsair SF600 Platinum PSU on sale at Corsair for $119.99 and had $20 Corsair store credit so I got that for $99.99.

Keyboard, Mouse and Monitors will be re-used from current config.

Post Build Notes

Please note these prices are from months ago. I am just now posting this build.

I have not tried to overclock with this, but it plays 1080P gaming very well. No complaints at all with this setup. The Quadro keeps the case nice and cool and the fan curves run quiet unless really stressing PC. The CPU fan runs off its own temp and the GPU fan runs off its own temp. The Quadro's job is to keep the CASE cool. I monitor the case temp with a separate 10K sensor near the exhaust (which will be affected by the heat OUTPUT of the CPU and GPU) and then adjust the fan speed based on case temp. This way the fans don't ramp up and down based on processor temps. My current case config has great air flow but I am sure the base config must have really sucked.

I like like lighting so don't judge because of the RGB comments. I find that RGB lighting (when properly configured) to be a very enjoyable as the background of your time in front of your PC. RGB on this board is basic. It supports two 12v 5050 RGB LED headers capable of a maximum power rating of 3A. I put my case lighting on one header and the exterior lighting on the other header. I drilled a hole to allow an RGB cable out and then attached a couple of leftover Phanteks 12v LED strips to the back of my two monitors.

Just put my case badges in tonight. Time to post.

Part Reviews


Handles everything I throw at it. I bought this because there is no real need to OC this. Work horse.

CPU Cooler

Cools very effectively, and the down draft is VRM and RAM beneficial.


I choose this board because of all the budget MSI boards this has the best VRM/MOS. These boards can be hard find some time and when found are usually around $110. I got a great deal on Ebay for $90. MSI gets a bad rap some time but hey have done good by me so far.


Your basic all around RAM machine. It just works. Nuff said.


What else would you chose for your OS drive?


Good price and good storage at good speed. I am using the entire drive as my data drive with all my libraries directed here. Saves my main drive for the good stuff.

Video Card

1080p games are smooth at 75fps on FreeSync. Love it. At the time this was a good price for the card so I grabbed it and I have no regrets.

I always loved the aesthetic of this GPU. The basic white rings work perfectly with my RGB and almost look like they are RGB.


Just read my build. In my opinion this case requires extensive modding to be useful as anything beyond a basic consumer case.

Power Supply

I hate to keep using the term work horse, but if you look up what most SFF builds are using this would be in the top 3 (probably top 2). Corsair SF PSU's work efficiently and reliably and in a small place.

Case Fan

Works great and are damn near silent at low speed.

Case Fan

Works great. No problems.


This thing was so handy I bought a couple more used ones off of eBay at a cheap price, just in case I need one again.


I have had ZERO GPU issues with this PCIE riser. To begin with a shorter length helps keep your speed up. The 90 degree angle on this was a godsend which allowed a full size fan in case.


Please read my build. Great device for true fan control. Can also work for water cooling.


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That's an interesting choice to mod your SSD mounting, got that Kingston guy keeping an eye on things. I did something more office-oriented with this Core G3 case, but it was still an unconventional experience. As inconvenient as some aspects were, I kinda want to try another build with quirky constraints like this.

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I know. I keep thinking about putting a custom loop in it...