-9/12/18 No longer needed the computer for the purpose i built it, so i decided to give it to my brother since he does not have the money to replace his aging mac and for some light gaming. Painted the case from orange to blue since some one said it looked ugly, got a new power supply kinda smelt literally and i got i modular so it would look cleaner having no psu cover. Added a 970 to replace the 770 so he can play on high in 1080p with a light overclock on gpu and cpu.
-Update 4/29/18 --Burnt out fan on AMD wraith max cooler and replaced with a Deepcool ICE BLADE. I also recently got a GTX 770 that i thought would pair well with the FX 6300 for some PUBG.
-Original Post: --I need to run WebODM and processes drone missions into maps. Since this takes a long time i rather just have it run on another computer i don't really need. Waiting isn't really a problem so i rather not spend the money on a machine to handle heavy video processing. Since i run WebODM off of native linux it runs half way decent on these left over parts i threw on a cheap MOBO and stuck in the MATX.

Part Reviews


So for basic gaming and desktop use 6-cores is still alot, Or should i say 4 cores with 6 threads. Anyway 3.5 with 4.0 turbo is not bad and with a oc its pretty great paired with a decent graphics card like the 970 i had. After O.C. on the 8350 and 8370 i can say that it is way more stable and much lower thermal temps to deal with. I got mine to 4ghz core speed with 2 stock fans and a stock cooler. 4.5 was a tad more difficult and definitely not recommend without better voltage control or stock. Left at 4.3.

CPU Cooler

Did not come with AM4 bracket like newegg stated, was just a intel bracket that was similar but useless. So i put to better use in this system and for lower end cpu's the 2 heat pipes manage


I was desperately trying to get this board, but it was out of stock everywhere. Having a Fx-6300 this was really the only choice i had under 100 dollars with MATX that was not a crappy gigabyte brand one with terrible reviews. Luckily a Microcenter 3 hours away had like 40 of them and at the sale price of 40 bucks a week after Christmas. Beside for being super disappointing that it only does sata II and for some reason i still have a had time hitting sata ii read wright speeds with a sata III drive, but it could be unrelated to mobo.


get Kingston hyper fury 2X8 1866, far better value then the sports. Though the sports work great and are reliable there is stuttering at high end gaming and keeping up with gpu.


get what your pay for, go evo


i'v bought cheap case's my whole life but for this price DIY put in everything you need but a manual. like the specification advertisement on there website is the best you get and you have to guess which screws go where by testing and praying. It is a little low sitting for a bottom exhaust cpu so i flipped mine. The top front fan really makes no point to it existence unless your running both fans super low speeds for that single fan size hole, unless you get SP fans for a minimal improvement for getting through the several layers of metal mesh that has wholes just to big to be a filter. was it suppose to be a filter holder? idk not a bad build though very DIY.

Power Supply

i'v purchased like 4 of these and the one that failed was replaced asap by evga

Case Fan

great for push pull one my deep cool 92mm cpu cooler

Case Fan

best cheap fan, use as a intake


  • 16 months ago
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Personally I love the FX lineup. They get so much hate but on the cheap end, they are still versatile chips. Really cool on the drone stuff it's being used for too. +1

  • 13 months ago
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Beside for getting really hot and having low single core performance they where definitely still a bargain at the time.

  • 10 months ago
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Does the motherboard have integrated graphics (so that you don't have to get a separate GPU)?

On ASUS's website it says it's got an integrated ATI Radeon, and also has HDMI / DVI / VGA ports but the CPUs don't have iGPUs and if you use a GPU you have to plug it into the GPU directly.

  • 9 months ago
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So the ATI Radeon built in to the board does work, though it will only work on a monitor well and i think its stuck at 1300X700 something. When i plugged it in to my TV the aspect ratio was not widescreen so i used a gpu just to output the desktop at 1080

  • 10 months ago
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I think you should've gotten a fully or at least semi modular PSU. Makes cable management MUCH easier.

  • 9 months ago
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I switched it out with the EVGA 600w BQ after i painted it blue for the cleaner look. When i first built it they where all used parts. Though management was easy since i only used 4 cords but those left over cords just look so ugly.

  • 14 months ago
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Personally, I love the parts combination. But cable management is quite bad, also, try to make a good color combination in your build. Otherwise, great work! Keep it up!

  • 13 months ago
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It's made of spare parts, so color was never considered. Orange is really hard to find. I am adding a blue deep cool cpu cooler tomorrow so if i put blue led strips in the inside i can do a blue/orange portal theme since the computers like a portal to the game. I had to run test in it and is much easier to swap out components with out cable restrictions. They are now tucked away that a 770 is staying in it and finally got the best fan configuration so its easier to do it all at once after instead of redoing it a bunch of times.

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