After my first build I really wanted to build again but not just an ordinary pc build. I also wanted an upgrade to what I had before. Destiny being my favorite game and the one I have sunk too many hours into I figured I'd go take the theme and run with it.

This is Codename: Bungo

Bungo is what I say when I'm frustrated and I want to blame destiny devs, Bungie

  • First I had to draw up the plans which I couldn't find on my hard drive but I did in Gimp and measured it all out to figure out where everything would go

  • I didn't like the look of the large drive cage in the front part of the case so I tore it out. I then realized I needed somewhere to put my hard drive so I bought a drive cage off amazon.

  • I ended up cutting the front panel out twice because on the first cut the titan mark lined broke off.

  • I also needed new front I/O because I tore the old case's front panel off and replaces it so I got a usb 3.0 and audio I/O board from ebay

  • The build had already been torn apart and put back together so many times at this point because each new problem that I created with the case needed to be solved to make a finished product and most case mods that I made couldn't hold a computer while I did them but I didn't want to just leave the parts in a box and be computerless.

  • I am aware that the power button is sticking out the side... Like I said this case mod has progressed slowly overtime to make sure I got things right, but I was tired of waiting to post it because all the major aesthetic changes have been done.

  • The last picture was before I had the Fan mounting bracket at the front of the case

All these parts work great and at first my RGB ram modules wouldn't work with RGB fusion so if you plan to have a glowing computer think about compatibility first.

And I'm wondering if I should get a different Graphics card, one that matches the white aesthetic?

Part Reviews


I picked this when the Ryzen 2 CPUs had just recently launched, with my intentions to do video editing as well as gaming I wanted a high core count for a lower price. It works great and over clocks very well


I picked this motherboard because I want Ryzen 2 support right out of the box and this was just before B450 boards had been released. Other than wishing I had waited a little to save a few bucks the Motherboard works great and syncing the RGB was somewhat strange with installing app center but other than that the bios is great and runs all my hardware smoothly


I went with this ram because it had the frequency I wanted and it had RGB so automatic performance boost right?

Video Card

At the time I picked my parts GPU prices were still coming down and this was the best bang for the buck option. The RX 580 works like a beast and has given me no issues and works best with AMD's Freesync.

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  • 18 months ago
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Cool build

  • 18 months ago
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  • 18 months ago
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Yeah this build finna blow up

  • 18 months ago
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Great build for the budget. Doing something very similair actually. This is the part list im working on havent built it yet but will soon.

  • 18 months ago
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That looks really good... One thing I would say is the CPU cooler could be swapped for a more traditional air cooler but if you want it for the looks that should work just fine

  • 18 months ago
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Thank you very much and yeah i was going to go with the hyoer 212 evo but then i was like nah cosmetics= better performance. In all seriousness though, i may switch to another cooler still thinking. I wont have all the parts and it built until beginning of December so i got time.

  • 18 months ago
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Codename: Bungo

I'm sorry I can't lmao

  • 9 months ago
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How does the Destiny build you made run D2? I'm looking at similar components for my build but I want to make sure itll run d2 at high settings and 100+ fps since it's the main game I'm building for. You and I both know d2 can be a high visually demanding game in some activities and I want to make sure it's not going to drop frames in those moments.

Thanks! Build looks awesome!

  • 8 months ago
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Sorry if it's too late but you should be able to hit 100+ on med-high settings 1080p with the rx 580. But with newer additions thi the game and updates at the tower the frames are slowly getting worse. I would recommend a better GPU if you wanted higher frames in d2 or are thinking 1440p