Been using the same old computer for almost 3 years, upgraded parts along the way. Bought the Core P3 case and moved everything in there.

Second picture is the old case where I migrated the pc from.

The Core P3 case really is a ton of work to put together.. for those of you that want to move your pc to this case, prepare an half day for it.

Upgrade plan: NZXT X72 AIO Samsung NVME 970 Pro

Part Reviews


It was king a couple years back, it still works great today. I gave it a mild 4.6GHz OC with auto voltage setting. Stays under 70 degree C with a small 120mm AIO cooler while gaming. My open air case helps a bit I guess.

CPU Cooler

Nothing to complain about, but for aesthetics reason I will get a NZXT X72 next time around when I upgrade.


Lots of header for everything, lots of sata, lots of USB, etc. BIOS for OC and XMP work pretty good after the latest update.


Can't ask for any more. This is about the best it gets for Z170.


Hasn't failed yet. 3 years


Value purchase, so far so good.


Nothing wrong with this drive, works pretty good. I have half of my games saved on this thing. But will probably be replaced by a big SSD in the future, I don't want to hear any rotating disk noise.

Video Card

IMO, best looking 1080ti out there, and best cooling. it clocks a little lower than the OC version, I can only get mine up to 1911MHz after OC to be stable. But the FPS difference in games vs the OC version is negligible, so this is probably a better deal.


One of the most difficult, yet special case I have worked in. Prepare to do a lot of thinking during construction of the case and building with this case even with pre-planning. It's just different.

Power Supply

Got it on sale for $90. It's pretty good, platinum tier, quiet fans. What else is there to talk about with PSUs?


A little pricey, but I don't regret it a bit.


Got two of these just to put on the sides of my Acer XB271HU since they are the same sizes. Actually pretty decent monitors, just lacking all the features like Gsync, high refresh rate, IPS. But it suffice as complements to my XB271.


I don't like mechanical keyboard, this is like the best gaming keyboard for me.


Used this for almost 4 years. Everything is still good, except the middle mouse button sometimes multi-clicks instead of single click.


No support with any other fan/RGB controller. But it's still really pretty, and it pushes some air with that 1200RPM.


Pretty much the rip off version of Thermaltake rainbow cable mods. They look exactly the same but this is 10 dollars cheaper..

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  • 18 months ago
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Rainbow Road! +1 Good job! Can you link the ribbon?

  • 18 months ago
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Here you go sir:

I believe Thermaltake also has something that's EXACTLY the same for $10 more.