My old computer was very old and it was from CyberPowerPC, so last Christmas I bought these pants for my new computer to the game and do some productivity work. Everything works fine, but the top of the case has little to none clearance for the Corsair H100i RGB AIO, so I installed it in the front. I replaced black PSU cable with add-on white PSU extensions to make the computer look better. Great rainbow effect using two software. One gigabyte RGB fusion and the other one is ICUE Software from Corsair. Wish they can be sync tho.

Part Reviews


Great, with 8 cores that definitely help rendering go faster.

CPU Cooler

This cools like a beast and the white color is beautiful.


The motherboard is great, but the rgb software sucks.


Great ram! iCUE Software is so much better than the Gigabyte rgb software. Gigabyte fusion?


Great speed that goes up to 3000mbps read and write


Great storage to save your files and photos.

Video Card

The card was great. The Gigabyte RGB Software sucks. When I bought this card the driver sucks!!!!, but they fixed it. Oh yea, Mine has coil whine sound.


Good case, but the top radiator clearance was not enough, so I installed my aio in the front panel.


Good price for a great 27inch gaming monitor with 144hz and 1440p.

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