Well to start off 3rd Quarter I finally had the chance to build a new gaming/general use pc since ive been stuck on my old build which you can find here Fx-9590 Build

General I got a good deal on my CPU and Case soo with the extra money it left me i use the savings and put it towards a better motherboard x470 Chipset soo when 3rd Gen ryzen comes out if it ends up being a good jump in performance Gains then ill make the jump but untill then im enjoying my Ryzen 1700 OC'd, i kept my rx580 from last build and transferred that but mostly everything else got replaced and aside from buying a 2nd gpu for crossfire and using my samsung 850 evo as my OS drive

I ended up being able to OC my Memory to 3400mhz at CAS 15 with 1.36v but I didn't see much gain soo i back it down to a comfortable 3200mhz Cas 14 and 1.35v. (because i wanted to keep the fast and tight timings)

Motherboard i mean whats to talk about? its a solid board with everything i wanted and Asus has been good to me for quite some time cept a few boards from the 990fx chipset that didnt last more then a year but to me thats okay. not everyone makes a PERFECT board. soo i am pleased with what i got.

CPU managed to get a Max of 4ghz at 1.375v which is enough based on research i have done. I wanted to see if i could get more out of it for ***** n giggles but didn't get far since there are more settings to tinker with then what im normally used to soo its a new learning curve i guess for myself.

Storage SSDS i went got a 1tb NVME drive which i absolutely love because i use it for games like Forza series and DCS word and few other big games. The smaller 500gb SSD are for other games, im trying to make the switch from using hard drives and build a dedicated NAS for my Storage and backup. ive already built a custom PFsense Router which was def new to me but helping chase my dream Job or field and that is becoming an IT in the networking field.

GPU I know most of you guys might say rx 580s crossfired is kinda pointless when you can go vega or etc but with my specific cards i managed to squeeze 1500mhz on the core at just about 1.25v and under 150w and a whopping 2500mhz on the memory which equates to 10,000 effective memory speed which to me is almost unheard of because from what i read..not alot of people can reach that high of speed and come to find out XFX is the best manufacturer in the Rx 580's series of cards in terms of clocks and are stable well under 65c. Im still looking for a water-block to water cool them because that is the plan. Even with the Rx 590 out i dont see a point because im already achieving those speeds basically, once i throw it underwater i would like to test to see how much further i can go, i would love to see these GPUs crack 2ghz on the Core if the conditions are right but untill then im fine right where im at. Everything basically Runs on Ultra for the most part. Ive OCD my refresh rate to 85hz which is pretty badass to me but i know 120+ is better but to me that wasn't the point of the build.

Overall temps are good across the board, my CPU barely crack 45c because it almost never utilizes more then 30% and even with the TDP at 65w , with it OCD , it has registered 125w at the max. Overall i love this build and hoping this will last me another 5-10 years hopefully, i dont game near as much as i used to because im a father of 2 but im already planning on my daughters 1st Computer coming up in the next year or so (shes 2yrs old).

P.S I will be doing some more testing soo i will upload some pics and benchmarks of how my Build performs.

Part Reviews


got this Cpu for a good deal, went from an FX-9590 OCD 5.3ghz to ryzen1700 @ 4ghz more then plenty enough CPU for me for quite awhile. definitely a good buy for a budget build. better buy over the 1800x because you can achieve dam near the same performance with a little tweaking...your mileage may vary

CPU Cooler

where do i begin, every since i got my 1st Corsair AIO back in 2015 these AIO's never have let me down, my old H110 GTX is still alive and working! Corsair is a solid company 10/10


even tho this is on the $$$ side. i managed to get 3400mhz without a sweat. GG G.Skill i like your hardware.

Video Card

best Card interms of clock speed got mine both Bios modded 1500mhz and 2500mhz MEM = 10000 effective. do i need to say more? even in sinthetic benchmarks im within 5% margin of a 1080ti and even less when it comes to a 1080.


Hello old friend. i use to have your bigger brother enthoo pro non m. and now she was an upgrade to a friends 11 year old pc. Phanteks..keep doing what your doing. GG

Power Supply

self PSU brand IMO, outside of corsair. Ive only have 1 unit die on me but that was just a faulty happens. but my old EVGA G2 1000W was a baller PSU and still is. Def recommend it.


My 1st ultrawide Panel from my Favorite or 1 of fav Brands (LG and ACER and sometimes HP) good overall panel, Colors could be better and viewing angles are okay n all but i managed to overclock this panel to 85hz, that might not be much but to me its alot going from a 60hz 1ms panel. and you know what they say...once you go never look back and its true.


Logitech..i have no words because there are too many reasons is to why i love logitech. been using their PERIPHERALS since my dad bought their 1st MX revolution Mouse that had 1 extra thumb button. ive had soo many headsets over the years and keyboards and etc. never seases to let me down including their warranty <3

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  • 16 months ago
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How well does the crossfire scale?

  • 16 months ago
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IMO, it kinda isnt worth it, Only Games that Scale good are like Black Ops III, War thunder, DCS WORLD, Battlefield series. Black Ops 4 has Zero support for Crossfire (which sucks), or most of your Racing Sims and etc. Crossfire isnt really beneficial because alot of games now really just Run with a Single Card.
and a weird side note, i tried to see if Xfire would sale possibly in some of the lastest VR titles and 90% of them did not scale or even utilize the 2nd GPU. until more devs start adding support with MGPU i think there is still time to wait until more games support it.