So, I decided that it was about time to build my own computer after many years. The last one I built was during the Nvidia 9800/Radeon 4700's years. Then, I switched to Alienware. Of course at today's bargain shopping opportunities, Alienware is old news. My goal was to build a strict gaming computer for today's high end titles.

I didn't go out looking for the absolute best options, but I did try to find the best quality items at a fair prices.

CPU: i5 6600K: This thing has unlimited potential. For the price, I thought it was unbeatable. I don't have anything negative to say about it. It complements my GPU nicely and doesn't get it's way. With the corsair H110i, it always stays cool. Never rises above 100 American degrees.

EDIT: Upgraded to the 7700K. The biggest issue i have that everyone seems to have is the temp. It gets unnecessarily high, but manageable with H110GTX. I keep it at the stock 4.2mhz. I may bump it to 4.5-4.6, but nothing crazy. Temps will drive me insane!

GPU: Nvidia 980ti Hybrid SLI: Enough said. It runs everything I throw at it with ease. I'm still using 2009 technology of HDMI for now. I would love to grab the new Acer 4k/144hz monitor, but the $ is a little too high. Other companies will come along and the supply/demand will start going down. There's nothing that I currently can't run at 60fps+. WITH a POS HDMI. I do use a FPS limiter (Riva Tuner).

EDIT: I picked up a Asus 1ms 4K 60hz with Display Port and i love it. I also changed out the stock fans for a push/pull with the Noctua 3000RPM. They are loud, but they move a TON of air and are the best fans i have found to cool these bad boys down.

MSI M5 Board: I didn't see the value in the M7/9 versus the M5. They all have the Z170 chip set and was all I personally needed for a gaming rig.

Samsung EVO 850 SSD: This is the first SSD that I've had. From start to finish, Windows boots in 9 seconds. My gawd... Crucial MX300: Amazing. JUST as quick as the 850 WD 1TB BLack: Perfect. No issues.

Win10: I was a BIG skeptic. I've been a Win7 guy for so long, but I finally came to the cross roads of "get with it, or get left behind" feeling. I did the install step by step and op'd out of Microsoft cloud do-hicky. Basically, they wont be able to track all of my searches or downloads.

At full load, with gaming, voice chat, Youtube on the other monitor, the entire system stays as cool as ice. Not literally, but it's almost impossible to stress this rig out. Please hit me up with any questions or requests.


With the new THeraltake case, the SLI fits perfectly and i have plenty of room for all my other things!

If it isn't evident, I'm a psycho when it comes to cooling. I can't stand to see any temps above 100F. Full load, i can deal with the GPUs above 110F, but nothing else!

Part Reviews


This ram is pure boss. I run the XMP and clock it at 3200mhz as advertised. I like the 4 sticks to fill all the slots and not look like a hockey player with missing teeth. The quality feels top notch.

Video Card

I love these cards. You cannot bog this card down with current content. Unless you do the benchmarking 4k/ultra settings, but your 60hz, 120hz, 144hz ect, this card will chew it up and spit it out. Tends to run on the warmer side. At absolute peak performance, I've clocked the temp at 117F/47C. Might not be high to some, but it's a little warm for my standards. especially since I'm willing to spend a little more $ for the radiator/fan.

Power Supply

No gripes with it. It's a PSU, not much to be wowing over. It's only SLIGHTLY longer than your typical 600-850w PSU's. Not an issue when it comes to fitment.

-Very quiet -Feel well built -Tons of power connections

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  • 40 months ago
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1st of all, I would have to go buy another PSU. A 1200+ which is another cool $200++.

750 or 850W would have been plenty for your build.

  • 40 months ago
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yeah, but I want something that I'm not running at 85% all the time. The 1300 I have now wont flex. I got it for a great price. $99 on Ebay brand new. I didn't pay what it says here.