As my first build, I kind of went all out.

My keeb was an Anne Pro 2 with Khail Box Whites. (I couldn't find it on here)

Part Reviews


8-core, 16 thread, what more could I ask for?

CPU Cooler

Absolute unit of an AIO. It cools extremely well and looks amazing.


It has all of the bells and whistles: wifi, RGB, good vrms, and a really nice aesthetic.


Pretty basic and cheap, nice, fast boot times.

Video Card

This thing is absolutely massive, thank god it comes with a support bracket otherwise I think that my PCI-E slot would break off. It's also packed with features: triple fan design, massive heat sink, and RGB. All this and the amazing performance and freesync capability, how can you go wrong for only $420?


Amazing looking, easy to build in, and a front tempered glass panel. I'm glad I got this before it sold out.

Power Supply

Feature packed PSU, not much else to say.

Case Fan

nice looking fans, decent controller. The white on them looks really nice.


Amazing monitor. I docked two stars because 1. it didn't come with a display port cable and 2. the colors are really bad unless you change them to the cool setting. I got this for $150 on Newegg flash.


Extremely comfortable for casual use.

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  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point


I like your build, wish you had taken pictures from different angles though because it's not easy to see from those 2 as they are right now.

Could you let me know why you chose to go with the GPU you did instead of other options such as Nitro+ rx 580 or 1060TI or something (I've been going back and forth past day with this).

My build will probably look somewhat similar inside, can't wait to buy the parts.

  • 7 months ago
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Hi! Thank you for the comment. I didn't really take too many pictures so I only put the few that I had on here. I went with the Vega 64 because it was a pretty good deal from what I've seen, if I hadn't found it at the price I did, I probably would have gotten a 1660ti or rx 580. Good luck w/ your build!