Build Notes:

This build is mostly for gaming, and productivity.

First time using an AIO water cooler, Installed easily, and seems to be working great. Temperatures are in the expected range.

Ran into a known bug while installing Windows 10 to the M.2 SSD. I had an old SATA drive connected to the motherboard during the Windows 10 install, and the install would fail every time. When I unplugged the SATA drive Windows installed perfectly. Later I checked the SATA drive, and Windows incorrectly installed some files to that drive during the failed installation.

Currently this case is laying on its back, but it's final form will be mounted on the wall, with the plexiglas front installed. I'm already seeing some sag from the graphics card in this arrangement. Once it's upright it would resolve this issue.

I skipped using the Thermaltake riser cables because of known problems with them.

Overclock Notes:

Ryzen 1700X is running at AUTO 1.3625V, with a 3.8Ghz clock speed. LLC2.

RAM worked at correct speeds with XMP (3200Mhz) on BIOS 3.20. Using AUTO voltages.

This RAM is on the QVL list according to G.Skill.

Upgraded to a VEGA 64. This guy is power hungry, loud, and thicc, but doubled performance over my old GTX 970.


Cinebench: 1670

CPU Mark: 15183

User Benchmark Processor:

SC Int 107 SC Float 117 SC Mixed 112 90% 112 Pts

QC Int 431 QC Float 469 QC Mixed 449 102% 449 Pts

MC Int 1,225 MC Float 1,276 MC Mixed 1,268 188% 1,256 Pts

User Benchmark Graphics Card:

Lighting 389 Reflection 245 Parallax 610 145% 415 fps

MRender 195 Gravity 429 Splatting 308 135% 311 fps


  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

Lovely build! how is the AIo holding up? I'm thinking about getting the S36 too

  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

Thank you! The S36 is working great. I'm running it on the more silent mode. I can't even hear the pump working. Very simple to install. Plus you can't beat that 5 year warranty.

  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

Thats great to hear! I think i'm gona get the inwin 303 and the S36 to upgrade my current rig kerstinator