I built this computer with the parts listed to have something that is compatible with new AMD's new 2nd Gen Ryzen processors, and can also drop in upgrades in the future.

The Ryzen 5 2400G supplies ample graphic power to run most games at low to normal settings just fine, and is great to have for any display until graphics card prices stabilize. The ROG STRIX X470-I motherboard by Asus provides great lighting effects and performance, however has only one 4 pin rgb connector, so to get the Phanteks case AND the G100M cooler by Cooler Master to both have full RGB capability you must buy the RGB splitter as well as the Phanteks RGB adapter. The motherboard also includes 2 M.2 drive bays on it, one under a really cool heatsink with an RGB ROG logo, and the other is on the back of the motherboard. The motherboard also includes on board bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with its own Wi-Fi antenna that isn't an eyesore. The M.2 drive by Western Digital was among the cheapest on the market and also provides plenty of storage and performance.

Yes, there is only 8 GB of RAM and it's only DDR4-2400, but I do plan on upgrading to 16GB of RAM of a faster speed. The PSU is 600W, which may be a bit overkill for the current build, but I do plan on adding at least a 1060 6GB graphics card and a Corsair Node RGB lighting system. The PSU is also modular so that cable management is easier due to the small form factor with two tempered glass side panels in the case, and it allows for upgrades in the future with more ease. Speaking of potential for upgrade, the IC Graphite Thermal Pad fits perfectly over a Ryzen Graphics Card (which is also 40mm x 40mm) and takes away the need for liquid processor thermal gel, with the sacrifice of only 1-2 degrees Celcius. The Thermal Pad replacement for the Thermal Gel means that you can interchange processors and processor coolers without having to clean up a mess from the gel each time, and the best part is the thermal pad is reusable.

The case was meant to look asthetically pleasing, show off the insides, and be able to fit into a carry on bag (or not if you're just a fan of bringing your computer on a plane without a bag) so that I could safely transport it need I have to fly somewhere and need my computer with me. However, the G100M processor cooler is a bit wide, so working on the motherboard after it is installed can be difficult, especially in this case (which is just as wide as the motherboard). I recommend you put the cooler in second to last (the graphics card being last if you intend to use one with this cooler and case) so that you can plug stuff into your motherboard and not have to squeeze your fingers into a 1/2 inch wide gap around 3 sides of the motherboard. The reason the graphics card would go last is because of the case design. The I/O is at the top (or right of the case if you plan on using it sideways with the adhesive foam feet included) and the case has an extension cable for your graphics card to not be installed on the motherboard, but to be installed behind it so the graphics card and motherboard I/O are both accessed by the same panel. The case also has two tempered glass side panels, so cable management is crucial as the whole case is see-through. The front and back panels are also removable to add to cable management. The motherboard also comes with a terrific instruction manual.

This build is not something that should only be completed by experienced builders--or if you're a beginner then with the help of someone else familiar with building computers. The tight space between the Evolv Shift case and the G100M fan is difficult to work around, and cable management is a must to keep the machine looking nice. Once assembled, however, you will be pleased with the sleek design and nice touch of RGB this build has to offer.

The build will be updated in the future, so expect the parts list and pictures to change.

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  • 21 months ago
  • 4 points

I gotta give it up for the UFO cooler!

  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

I like it :D +1

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

Can you comment on the ram clearance of the cooler? My ram (adata gammix d10) is ever to slightly taller than they recommend (3.45cm vs 3.6cm). My board is of similar layout. Your build is really nice!

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

It cleared my ram by a few mm but not by much

  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

Clicked to look at the car speaker looking cpu cooler. Apparently the PCIE cable for the gpu that comes with the case is trash.