So I was always impressed with the guys who would build their own rig when i was a kid, thinking that was so cool and yet way to geek for me...After years of gaming out of a laptop (for various reasons), I was ready to get a real gaming machine. I started looking at various websites selling pre-built rigs and realized how expensive they could be (like 3-4k$)! I couldn't believe it and so I started digging further until I found this amazing website. Along with newegg (esp the 'build your computer' youtube video!) and tomshardware, they convinced me that I could build my rig for half the price, and have a lot of fun doing it ;)

My budget was 2k$ (I've been on my previous laptop for almost 4yrs and saved some money since then) so I tried to max it out. The purchased price is a bit above that limit tag but I sold some stuff and used some card points to find the extra $.

This was my first ever build so please don't hesitate to give me your opinion so I can improve and do a better job next time ! I will be using it for gaming mostly and wanted to have something that would last me some time. I had a red/black mouse (razor saga), pad, headphones (Cloud II) and chair (DX Racer), so thought I would carry on with the theme ;)

EDIT: OC-ed the CPU to 4.4Ghz. Pretty easy to obtain but since i don't need it (just did it because i can lol), I dont want to sacrifice too much durability, so have my vcore just at 1.32V and a temp going rarely above 40C which should limit the impact on the CPU.

EDIT2: Found out that I can't OC the RAM so I updated the review on it.

EDIT3: The pictures still show my old ViewSonic VX2253mh-LED 22.0" Monitor, though it's been now replaced by the Benq xl2411z (see updated description).

Issues with the build

Barely any issues at all. Ran into a small one with the PSU (see review below) and misunderstood the way my M.2 SSD was working (thought it was PCIe when it is SATA, so plugged my OD and HDD on 2 ports that weren't enabled, thought my MD had an issue for a sec !). Still took me close to 8 hours to finish all (inc win and drivers install) in 2 seating (as I had to wait for the new PSU to arrive).

Part Reviews


I know the i7 is an overkill but i had the money for it and got it as part of a combo (MB/CPU/RAM) with some discount for black friday, couldn't pass on it ! Works amazing so far, OC-ed it very easily to 4.3GHz with a vcore at 1.25V and a temp most of the time < 40C

CPU Cooler

I never had water cooling and really wanted one this time so chose this one based on many good reviews/price and the good enough job I thought it would do. No issue so far.


Amazing motherboard so far, works great, lots of extras, super smooth install and great look, glad i chose this one (was thinking M5 initially but saw a bunch of reviews about install issues so went for the M7 and I don't regret it !)


I love the M.2 size. Super fast - I never owned an SSD before, so what a difference !


I've never used too much storage (last PC had 500 Gb and used barely half), but since a 1TB SSD is still a bit steep, decided to pick up a 1TB WD Blue for its value and good reviews.

Video Card

Was thinking Titan initially but given the price/my budget/ and the barely noticable improvment in perf vs the 980 Ti, I chose the latter. I know it's an overkill but really wanted to feel the difference with my previous 'integrated graphics' lol. Currently playing on an old 1080p (so really an overkill...) but will upgrade the monitor as soon as I can. Love the looks, tried to use the MSI app but not working so far, only reason why I took 1 star off.


I like the style and the space for cable management. Removed all the fans it was coming with to install my owns, glowing reds obviously ;) Seem pretty solid and of good quality. Overall pretty good value. I like the fan control (3 speeds) too, plugged all my fans (3) on it (except the ones for the liquid cooler obv).

Power Supply

Bought a 1000W P2 initially for a steal (134.99!) but the size was a bit too big for my case so sold it (for a profit) and switched to the 850W G2 which is a bit smaller and suits the case perfectly. Went for the extra power (pcpartpicker estimates my current need at 460W) for potential future SLI and OC.

Optical Drive

bare drive, installed Win 10 and the few softwares I had on a CD...Not much to add !

Operating System

it's windows 10, and I like it ;)

Wireless Network Adapter

The big antenna was a bit annoying at first but you can put it easliy put it on your case (it's a magnet) and it seems pretty fast (my old laptop was getting results of 25mb up/down vs 80mb for this card ! Same connection, same time, just different wifi card). Also pretty cheap.

Case Fan

works very well, really nice look.


Bought it for the cheap price and the glowing red to finish the re/black theme ! No complaints so far !!

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  • 54 months ago
  • 1 point

I have the 24" version of your monitor. I thought it was hilarious that you still have the plastic on the base of the stand because I haven't taken mine off either and its been 3 years already.

  • 54 months ago
  • 1 point

Haha pretty hilarious indeed, great minds ;)

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

jrmygonzales, how would armha not get the 24" version of a 24" monitor?!?!

  • 54 months ago
  • 1 point

I'm pretty sure you should go quad sli to run that monitor, a single 980ti is definitely not enough. Titan X's maybe? All joking aside, this is a great looking build, you should snag a monitor worthy of it!

  • 54 months ago
  • 2 points

Ah thats what i was afraid of, damn i knew i should have picked a few titans ! Yeah i know i should really update's the next upgrade for sure

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Definitely, after the monitor this thing is pretty amazing and close to my next build. Hope its running well

  • 54 months ago
  • 1 point

Excellent build mate! Great parts happening and your build looks pretty cool! I hope you enjoy it :) How you finding that devestator bundle by the way? Im not interested in buying it my self but I've seen it on amazon and its pretty cheap. Looks cool. Great job man and happy holidays!

  • 54 months ago
  • 1 point

Thx mate :) i took it for the keyboard as I already have the razer saga for the mouse and it was the cheapest & nicest looking red/black keyboard. So far so good, been gaming a bit with it and it's been great. No issue with lighting either in bith daylight and darkness. Pretty gd keybord so far and only $20 after the rebate (with a 'free' mouse _^).

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

don't you think that the psu is just way too overkill? I mean future proofing is good but in my opinion, that psu is way too much

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey man. Well currently yes as i need about 480W. Now i want to leave option for 2x980ti in sli and suddenly you're alrdy looking at 730W. Now add OC on both cpu (4.5Ghz) and 980ti (core at 1175Mhz on OC mode) and (according to you're looking at 880W on load so an 850W is barely enough. So not that much of an overkill anymore ;)