Hey guys

I want to be short and clear, I am from Colombia so maybe I had some grammar errors but I hope you can understand me, all parts were bought in Amazon B&H and MOBO on eBay, to the final price add 150$ of shipping company and taxes of my country, the name Kelpie is becausa a song ( Mago de oz - kelpie )


I was not sure about this or the i7 skylake, after some research I decide for i5 because my main purpose is gaming and casual work, I manually OC it to 4.3 Ghz, for the moment no high temps or crashes, not really too much to say about this part


It was hard to install, you have to make some pressure to screw it and it has a litle "tooth" that is really annoying but its necesary to be sure you are installing it right, I add a second fan ( CoolerMaster sickleflow red ) and for the moment it works really well and quiet, you can barely hear it


I was afraid because some reviews telling some units never work, and a return and replacement was not an option, mine is running perfectly, it was the first time I installed a cpu and hearing all that cracking sounds was scary, for the installation of the other parts it was comfortable, It has a nice tool, a little plastic box to organice the front panel cables, works really well, sata cables are transparent it would be great a red color but not a big deal, ethernet pork wont work with W10 so I replaced it


Nothing much to say, thanks to the MOBO it runs since first day at 2400MHz, I am planning to add another 8 GB


First time I use an SSD, mainly for windows for the moment no games on it, just because i am not sure about errase and overwrite its content, I read it can damage the unit, I have to read more about how to properly use it.


I would recommend to do some partitions, in some moments when multi tasking you can hear it is having some trouble or getting slow.


Its my first GPU so I was really excited about it, It is much bigger than i though, I almost drop it from my hand, looks really nice, maybe the plastic feels a little weak but i cant compare to other GPUs, the RGB leds are just the brand name and fan spin indicator, it would look great with more leds, for the moment I set configuration to OC mode, it runs all games at ultra +60 fps, I tried to use nvidia software to set resolution at 2k but imediately tearing appears, maybe it is because the monitor


I almost buy an versa N21 but finally I decide for this because the bigger side window and the reviews said it has great room for cable management, the 2 bad things I read in reviews was the front panel was difficult to remove, its false you just have to grab it from the down side and then pull up strong and slowly, the other bad thing is every time you touch it yoy let a finger print, sadly thats true, the good things are that the PSU shroud helps a lot with cable management, and it really has a big room to cable managemente I compared it a few days against the versa N21 of a cousin, the front door give it a nice look and funcionallity, i decided to use back places for HDD and SSD to a cleaner look


The best option comparing price/watts sadly it is not modular, the end of the cables has a lot of colors and it can affect the stetic of your build, I am planning to add some sleeved red extensions.


I just added if someday i will need it


great colors, nice response time, extremely thin vessel, and a great price for the size plus it has HDMI input, maybe the base is a little big and when you turn it on it starts searching all inputs, buttons are in a great price to make it looks great, no speakers included in this monitor, be aware of this.


its a membrane keyboard but it has 6 macre kays and 3 profiles, fully customizable, backlight is a great add


Really nice, that 12 buttons helps a lot in games, so you can have always your fingers in the WASD Space barkeys, it has some weights you can remove to make it lighter, you can change the logo color and if you want to change te scrollwheel color yo have to use the down button ( it make you change the presets in the profile, each profile has 5 presets you can customize)


I bought them a few years ago in a cyber monday, perfect for gaming, music and movies, I would buyit again without thinking, it has 3 presets for footsteps, bass and neutral, great sound quality, ok noise isolation, long battery


I bought them just because the monitor has not speakers, but i am impressed of the quality and soround feeling.


Just to have a better quality and avoid using headphones microphone

Feel free to ask whatever you want, the next "upgrades" I am planning are red led strips and sleeved red cables, as anecdote the day tha last parts arrived to my house there was a blackout and I had to build it in the dark with a lantern in one hand, that why i chose that name, Kelpie the lady of the Dawn

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  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

I have two questions. First how is that motherboard. Is it any good. Did you have ant issues with it. And my second questing is how is that case. Does it feel cheap?

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Its my first mobo so I cant compare but for the moment its ok, it´s easy to configure and OC, about the case yes it feels cheap but its a good case for the price, nice big window, the psu shroud looks and has a lot of space for CM

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Can you please tell us how the case is? Im planning to buy it for my next build. How is the cable management on it?

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

a lot of space for CM (compare to versa n21) and the psu shroud add a lot of space, maybe it feels to cheap but is only 50$

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Pretty cool build, I'm looking to build my brother something similar

  • 45 months ago
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  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

How are the fans?

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

Just ok, loud if y have your pc on your desk next to you, but temperatures are fine

  • 16 months ago
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Hello! I'm from Colombia too. Last week I finished my new PC using the same PSU (EVGA 700B Bronze 80+). I wonder if you still have the same setup after more than 2 years?. Sorry I took my time to notice your rig hehehe. In a few days I would publish mine. I wonder how good (or bad) is that EVGA PSU?. Thanks!