This PC is used mainly for gaming, little bit of streaming. Everything works without any issues. I was able to push my CPU from 3.5GHz to 4.8GHz stable with normal temperatures on all 4 cores. My RAM is currently clocked to only 2933MHz from default 2666MHz without any voltage increase, and it passed all tests, not a single hiccup. I didn't messed with GPU overclock but that is in plan as well, wanna see how far I can push my rig. Here is userbenchmark for this build :

Part Reviews


Very satisfied with this Core i5, was able to push high clock speed with entry Hyper EVO 212 with normal temperatures. For 60FPS gaming (on most games), this CPU is beast.

CPU Cooler

Older, but still working like a charm. Wasn't sure about temperature on my i5-6600k while overclocking, but it showed up to expectations.


It's very good motherboard, there are some questions that I had, and couldn't find anywhere on motherboard manual. Also Asus support is not that good at helping when it comes to higher tier questions. Missing RGB.


This one exceeded my expectations. I bought it for low price, and I expected 2666MHz, for now I am on 2933MHz without any voltage increase and same timings. I will go higher, but for now, basically I got almost 3000MHz memory for lower price.


Indestructible SSD. I have it since 2016. I've done compression, local servers, VMs, so many games... Health : 95% Total Writes : 18.5TB

Video Card

Bought used one since I read that it has insane speeds and cooling. I was not wrong. Temperature under Heaven Benchmark didn't went more than 64 Celsius, and fans barely spin when I play games. Since temperature is that low, core and memory clock when GPU is under load, is always maximum.


Very good airflow, dust filters, tampered glass, 3 RGB fans with controller included, full front intake. Nothing to complain for price, very good case. Only thing that I would say is "bad", is that USB3.1 front cable, is too thick, and can't plug into bottom of motherboard and hide it.

Power Supply

Not a single issue with this PSU, constant power, PC is on 24/7, no hiccups. Handles all my overclocking without and problems.


Got this one at very low price, amazing IPS display, colors are just awesome. Only drawback : it's 60Hz and 5ms response.


Got it mainly because of anti-ghosting, RGB is bonus. I keep RGB at ~35%, just enough to see in dark.


For it's price, best one on market at the time of purchase, and mine is black.

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  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build but I feel like you could have gone better for the price. Like for that same price you got your gpu you could have gotten a brand new rtx 2060.

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Ah, maybe I did some mistake, those prices are for brand new hardware. I just left it like that, and this PC is built on used hardware. For example, I payed for this GPU 160EUR or 180USD. Since I don't live in US, prices are a bit higher here. For example, brand new RTX2060 I'd have to pay 500EUR or 560USD. I payed for this entire build about 560USD.

  • 12 months ago
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Ya that’s probably why

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