This summer I'm coming home from college and can't take my main pc or gear with me. With Halo MCC on pc coming out I'm very excited but was dissapointed with not being able to play it over the summer when I have the most free time. To solve this, I decided to build a small form factor PC I can transport easily, and build under a fairly restricted budget.

I bought things where I could for cheap, and I grabbed the graphics card used off of ebay. The goal is basically to play Halo MCC (when it comes out), and whatever other games in my backlog at 1080p or potentially 1440p at decent settings. So far it seems to be working out fine, idle temps are a bit high in the mid 40's because of overclocking the 2600 to 3.8ghz at 1.288v. Looking to upgrade the cpu cooler eventually.

Part Reviews


Surprisingly competent cpu for the price. Wraith stealth is a little loud, but with fan settings optimized, it's pretty tame. Hexacore will probably payoff a little down the road but for now this is still very much put in its place by my i7-7700k in my larger pc.


A nicely featured am4 mini itx board. Has pretty much everything you'd want and works out of the box no problems. Reminder that there's only one system fan header. Wifi is also a nice feature given the form factor. Nice to know that AMD will support AM4 for a while unlike Intel which changes sockets so frequently.


16gb of RAM, it works and gives no issues.


Nice all metal SSD. Room for adding another one in the future for larger storage.

Video Card

Nice card, great at 1080p and can handle some 1440p gaming. Freesync is nice, the pcb is a bit tall and barely fit in the case. Solid.


A fairly common SFF pc case. Has understated looks and is just small enough to be transported in the likes of a backpack. This case makes you consider clearances very carefully and also forces you to use only m.2 or 2.5" drives. Ironically still feels easier to work in than the nzxt manta because the small board seems easier to access by comparison. The gpu just barely fit because of the custom pcb height over the brackets. Othwerise, removing the bottom with the clips is a little nerveracking. Still a nice, small, good looking case that has great potential.

Power Supply

Not a commonly found/used psu. A good middleground between the Corsair SF450 and SF650 in both wattage and cost. Cables are a good length for the small form factor.

Case Fan

Fan is put under the gpu for added cooling headroom, moves a lot of air and can get loud/fast when it really needs to or stay slower and quiet.

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Nice build. Does the Ryzen cooler fit in the case out of the box or did you need any modifications?

  • 13 months ago
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The 2600 comes with the wraith stealth cooler. This is below the 57-58mm max height clearance for the node 202. If you buy the higher TDP AMD processors, those come with the wraith spire which has fitment issues in this case (at least prior to modding them). Only thing I did after installing was unscrewing/screwing back in 4 screws for the fan shroud to rotate the AMD logo rightside up.

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no. vErY nIIiiiIIIcE!! pewdiepie style

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