My first ever gaming PC, my first ever build, and my first actual desktop PC in 20+ years! I always wanted one, just couldn't justify the cost vs. performance when comparing with an Xbox. I really thought the X1 was going to be 'next gen' and was quickly disappointed when it released with less than stellar performance. I thought to myself "Self, the time is now....! The days of 30 fps/ medium quality graphics are over!" I began planning and researching, reading and studying, found 'r/buildapc' and then consequently this lovely website, and off I went! With only a $1000 budget, I soon learned that what I wanted wasn't happening for less than $1500~, so I saved a little more, and with the help of r/buildapc alongside comparing and reading reviews of other completed builds, here I am, officially ascended! I love this machine... My X1 is a Netflix box now.... he's so lonely now! ;)

The CPU is overclocked to 4.4Ghz with a manual voltage of 1.250v. I could get 4.5-4.6Ghz stable, with a max voltage of 1.325v, while stress testing, but certain games would BSOD (memory related), so I dialed it back to 4.4Ghz. I'm happy with that and don't plan to overclock it further. I also couldn't get the RAM stable at anything other than the MoBo default speed of 2133mhz! I tried everything, and with the CPU overclocked it would always crash, so I left it alone, may research it further down the line.... I left the 1070 Superclocked at it's 'factory-overclocked' overclock, only changing the fan curve manually with MSI Afterburner. In the future, I may further OC the GPU, but for now, I see no reason, as it eats up every game I've thrown at it!

On to game performance: At 1080p, with everything (including AA) fully maxed out, the only game I've seen go below 100fps is Crysis 3! If I change AA from MSAAx8 to SMAAx4, I go from average 60fps to 85fps, regardless Crysis 3 is absolutely beautiful compared to the console version and really validates this whole journey for me. Another noteworthy game is DOOM; with VULKAN on, and everything fully maxed out (including AA) I get 120fps (MIN), 155fps (AVG), and 200fps (MAX).

I love my new PC, my only regret, is that I haven't built one sooner....!

Sidenote: I plan to upgrade to a G-sync, 1440p, 144hz monitor during the upcoming Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales. Also plan to install white LED's inside the case at some point, and upgrading to a better keyboard, a different mouse ( I have large hands, Diamondback is a little small), and a better headset (current headset only has simulated surround sound) . Might SLI in a couple years if I can get another 1070 SC for half price during a future Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale!

EDIT: With limited space in my house, It is set-up in my bedroom, the space it's in was a closet, I took off the doors, got a 3'x5' glossy black dining room table from Wal-Mart, 3 black sheets, and some black thumbtacks, and 'upholstered' the walls inside the closet.

P.S. Sorry for the blurry pictures; I don't have a digital camera and apparently, the camera on my phone sucks.

Part Reviews


Solid; PC runs blazing fast with 4.4Ghz OC. Max temp= 59-60C

CPU Cooler

Ultra quiet, does a great job at keeping CPU cool. My only complaint was that the back of the X-bracket slightly touched the back of the mounting area on the case; I remedied this by wrapping a small piece of electrical tape around the area where the bracket was touching. Hasn't been a problem.


Works as advertised. It came with a lot of bloatware that I quickly un-installed and/or disabled. I/O plate sits kinda funny against the MoBo, might be my rookie mistake of installing it wrong but it works, haven't had any problems.

As a side note, being a newb, I tried to use the automatic clocking software, and it was sending well over 1.5 volts to the CPU, as a result, I would recommend not using the software at all.


Works, passed tests. I could get it to it's default speed of 3200, if I didn't overclock the CPU at all, but seeing as the CPU OC is far more useful than the RAM OC I left it at the MoBo's default speed of 2133. Have yet to see the lower RAM speed negatively affect anything yet.


PC boots from a cold start to full control in less than 10 seconds, every time.... Last time I owned a PC, it took minute(s), so this is far beyond my expectations! Plan to get an additional 1 TB to replace my external one day.

Video Card

I love this card. Well worth the money, Haven't had to further overclock it whatsoever. Gobbles up everything I throw at it!


Love this case, has (2) USB 3.0 and (2) USB 3.1 ports on the front of it. Fast charges my cell phone, and has plenty of room for whatever upgrade I could possibly think of. And I got it on sale for $50 off it's MSRP!

Optical Drive

Generic CD/DVD drive. What's to say....

Operating System

Could've gotten it cheaper but figured I didn't want any future hassles, so I paid full price for it. I also prefer 10 to 7 at this point. Much faster than 7. Look for an optimization guide to speed it up, make it snappier, turn off MS's spying crap, etc.

Wireless Network Adapter

I have downloaded many large games with this, and also my wired connection. TBH, the wired is only slightly faster by about 1 Mbs. I originally got a Gigabyte internal one that was defective, so I RMA'd it and impatiently went to BestBuy and purchased this. I am not disappointed in it at all.


MSRP of $250, I found this one on craigslist for $150. I got to guys' house, he had it on a completely white screen to show me it had no dead pixels, let me play TF2 with FRAPS on, to show its framerates. I'm happy with it, and it;s a great placeholder for the inevitable upgrade to a 1440p, 144hz, G-Sync monitor.


The mouse was OK, until I tried out the Razer mouse that came in the bundle with the 1070, wasn't going back after that. The Razer mouse was significantly better than the CM mouse. The ultimate deal-breaker for me was that the mouse's LED wouldn't turn off when 'my' PC shut down, only after flipping the power switch on the PSU or unplugging the power. the keyboard is surprisingly good but, it is only meant to be temporary, and I will upgrade to a more appropriate keyboard down the line.


I only got this because it was a bundle with the EVGA 1070 SC, and at the time I figured I could use a better mouse than the CM one from the above bundle. I had been stalking for days to get specifically the EVGA 1070 SC, and I saw it pop up and went for it. I don't really like the mouse, not because of it's performance, it's just too small for my hands. I will probably end up selling this and getting a G502 or some other appropriate mouse for my tastes.

External Storage

Bought this for my X1 a year ago , and figured I'd use it instead of an internal HDD, to save on initial cost. I have installed and played many games from it, and it really doesn't up the load times as much as people say. It's connected using USB 3.0 and it hasn't disappointed me, and I'm glad I decided to use it and save some money, for now!

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  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Loved the build! Great overclock 3.5Ghz to 4.4Ghz is really good! To make it even cooler slap some LED's or Custom Cables to make it look almost as good as the gameplay

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Plan to get all white cables and a white LED strip to put inside the case. Also, will set mouse RGB to white after I get a keyboard that can be set to white.

Will update the build info and pictures in the future when it happens.

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

i disagree with the mouse(coolermaster), i have owned it for the best part of 6 months, and coming from a basic microsoft mouse, also its cheaper, it has served me well, i dont plan on changing my mouse but i will change the keyboard,

but it depends what you expect from a £25 mouse and keyboard bundle

also please elaborate on how the mouse is trash

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Well... I guess trash wasn't the correct word, I will go and change that. It worked ok, it just felt too light, awkward placement of the thumb buttons, the DPI adjustments were either too slow or too fast. plus, on my PC the LED never turns off, unless you turn off the PSU or unplug the whole PC. That was the ultimate deal-breaker for me. When I happened upon the bundle for the GPU and mouse, I just went for it, I wanted that GPU!. Intended on selling the Razer mouse, and curiosity got the best of me, so I tried it out. It was significantly better than the CM mouse! So much so that when I switched back to the CM mouse, because I wanted to sell the Razer mouse, I just couldn't do it.... Maybe this 'better feeling' I didn't want to let go of was the difference between optical and laser mice. The keyboard is actually pretty good, but I plan on replacing it all with a Logitech keyboard and mouse, preferably the G502 series.

with that said, I didn't 'trash' the mouse. I'm actually using it on my work PC doing autoCAD (and believe it or not, it actually turns off the LED when the PC shuts down!). I use the 2nd DPI setting and it works great for autoCAD, on dual screens. The extra sensitivity helps with covering all the screen space, much better than the literal 'no-name' mouse that I was using. For the price, it is a good mouse, but if you can afford a better one, why not? I'm sure you work as hard as anyone else, probably take care of a family too. We deserve nice things.... Why have a $1500 PC with a 6 dollar mouse? lol

  • 45 months ago
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fair enough , some good points about it

i agree with the thumb buttons

i mean it does mouse things good enough for me