This is a rebuild of my current desktop into a new case after the tempered glass side panel on my old case shattered in my hand (ouch). I also added some remote controlled RGB light strips to the top and side of the case for lighting effect.

The build itself is super solid and can crush any game I throw at it, or any VR title I play on my oculus rift. Some of the parts were given to me, or I've had for a while, so I didn't go out and buy this brand new, although the 7700k is a new upgrade over my 6700 (non K).

I must say the lighting work way better than expected. The case came with 3 RGB fans pre-installed and has MB control but my mb doesn't have a header. So what I did was order a set of 2 sata powered remote control rgb strips with controller on Amazon and then daisy chained the fans' "MB" connector on the end and it actually worked. All the lights sync, and another plus is that my led strips have WAY more lighting modes than the ones built in the case.

Part Reviews


Great CPU, runs toasty, so make sure you have a good cooler and maybe consider delidding for long term overclocking. Despite that, it can definitely handle the power. Mine hit 5GHZ

CPU Cooler

Awesome remake of an already awesome CPU cooler. You can't mess with the OG. I didn't think they could do any better than the 212 EVO for the price, but dang they did. Also, it is build a lot more sturdy than the EVO and the mount system is completely redesigned. The black top plate just makes it tho.


Good motherboard for its cheap price. Asrock does good for the money, but do expect to have to do a bit of fiddling to find the settings you want, as stuff is not always as easily laid out as something like an asus or gigabyte.


This RAM was a placeholder for my build as my RAM is unbranded and pulled from a Dell XPS, but I can say the old DDR2 crucial RAM I had was rock solid. Good company.


Still going strong after 2 years


Awesome little drive for the price, and definitely competes with the 970 evo nvme drive from Samsung.


Pretty slow drive. Good for photo storage and such, but not for gaming or video editing. Get a WD Black or and SSD


Best HDD I've ever owned, great performance, and game loading times. Highly recommend.

Video Card

Good GPU from Gigabyte. Runs cool and quiet, but don't expect to overclock it very much, as I believe these are lower binned chips. But if you are looking for stock 1080 performance or maybe a 5 or 10% overclock, this do just fine. It is stable.


I don't know what the other reviews are talking about. This case is great for the price I paid. The cable management is decent, with zip tie slots on the back, and big holes for motherboard cables. The HDD tray is a bit crammed, but my last case was like that, so I don't care. Tempered glass could be ever so slightly darker in IMO, but I guess that is just the amount of LEDs I have inside. The RGB fans work great, and the included manual is helpful. Plenty of screws provided. Top and PSU vents are filtered. Fits a Hyper 212 Black Cooler.

Note about the LEDs: if you don't have MB control like me, you could use the built in controller, but my suggestion is that you buy a cheap led strip on amazon and daisy chain the MB connector on the fans to the strip, because the strip will have WAAAY more lighting modes than the case does, and it also syncs them.

Power Supply

Good PSU. Looks good, and runs cool. Shielding on the cables is pretty good.

Optical Drive

It's a DVD drive. IDK what to say about it. Works.


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