This build is primarily for gaming (including VR) and game development with a bit of video editing on the side.

I'm very happy with the Phanteks case, it made the entire installation easy and looks beautiful. It was also worth going with aura compatble motherboard, case, cpu cooler and ram as it is extremely beautiful when it all works together in sync.

Everything was easy to install, the only issue was with the Elgato Capture Card which had to be moved to the top most PCIe slot as the lower one wasn't picking it up. This isn't a problem, I had only installed it lower so it wouldn't crowd the M.2 Slot.

Performance wise, it has been an absolute pleasure. Note that the graphics card was salvaged from a previous build. We are really close to the release of the next GeForce GTX cards so I wanted to hold off for now, however the 970 still handles quite well even for VR.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

A little louder than I had hoped. Very good build quality though and Aura sync works beautifully. Great cooler for the price.


Beautifully designed motherboard with excellent on-board WiFi and external antenna. I like the plain coloring which doesn't encumber aura sync. Plenty of features and very stable.


Works great, aura sync is a nice bonus, looks really good in very visual builds.


Lightning fast read / write times. Couldn't be happier with this product.


Beautiful full tower case with a full tempered glass side. Comes with all the usual phanteks features that make these cases a pleasure to install and use. The lighting looks great on its own and even better with Aura Sync.

Power Supply

This is my 3rd EVGA power supply purchase, never had one fail, always reliable and the modular design makes it easy to install with no excess.

Optical Drive

Works good, reasonably priced. Picked because of the all black face which looks great compared to the black drives with white text.

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  • 14 months ago
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Hows the temps?

  • 19 months ago
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I’d give this build a 3.5/4. (I had to say it)