Okay, so this is probably going to be really long, but bear with me, and try to understand my parts. So, this whole build actually started awhile ago..almost a year ago. But over time I have changed the motherboard, cpu, ram, power supply, case, drives, and the gpu. I used to upgrade Sir Scratch Alot fairly often. But he has evolved to Batpooter. (Bat from batman because he's quiet, and pooter, from computer, because I don't want to say Batputer)

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So. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I use this primarily for video editing and gaming with GTA V and ARK: Survival Evolved.

Edit: I have since dusted the computer out. With 6 fans, 4 intake and 2 exhaust, you get quite a bit of dust.

Part Reviews


The FX 8320 is still relevant in games, and still holds it's own in content creation, but I see a Skylake or X99 upgrade in his future. It's a great overclocker. Managed 4.7ghz stable. 44 degrees after an hour of P95. But backed it down to 4.0 because I don't want to kill my power supply.

CPU Cooler

The Nepton 240m is a KILLER CPU cooler. Never seen this processor go above 44 degrees. Nice and quiet on pull config.


Wasn't expecting a lot from this motherboard. Only $90 at purchase, but it has a ton of features, looks nice, and overclocks great.


The RAM was a gift..It's actually 2133mhz ram, but I backed the speed off. I wouldn't have chose the color, but my mother is getting old. What can you expect? Lol.


The EVO I bought over a year ago as my first SSD, still going strong!! The rest came from my step dad's work. All taken from laptop's with broken LCD's.


Hard Drive for excess storage. barely use it for more than old videos, movies, music, and photos.

Video Card

THIS is the steal of this build. I bought this GTX 780 used on Ebay for $220 recently. I haven't overclocked, but replaced thermal paste. Still runs a bit hot. Might go to an AiO cooler. It performs like a BOSS, compared to my old 760. I still only game at 1080p so I don't need more than this for ultra settings.


This case I bought on impulse because of the price, sleekness, quietness, and build quality. Wish I would have waited for the Define S which was released like a week later. It lacks any good options for cable management due to the sound dampening material on BOTH sides.

Power Supply

Bought the power supply with a $10 MiR. It's probably pushing it on the power draw, but I ran an Ultra 550w with the 760 in this same system. So it's probably okay. XD Looking for a modular PSU soon.

Optical Drive

Blu-ray drive came from step dad's work as well. Never used.

Operating System

Windows 8.1...Nuff said.


K70 was a gift..didn't realize they had a K70 RGB until a month later. Haha.


The Deathadder (Chroma) is the only mouse that feels comfortable in my hand. Can't stand Logitech or Corsair mice.

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  • 59 months ago
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This was published July 14th... But it's the 13th... Dear lord I KNEW TIME TRAVEL WAS POSSIBLE, SUCK IT 6TH GRADE SCIENCE TEACHER!

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  • 59 months ago
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+1 for the name!

  • 59 months ago
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Haha, thanks!! The idea came from my friend. He couldn't believe just how silent it was. He compared it to batman.

  • 59 months ago
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If dust is an issue you can buy magnetic dust filters that go over your intake fans and no more dust! You just have to clean the filters once in a while.

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  • 58 months ago
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Batman with a putter... God save us..