This build is gaming oriented, with complete support for high quality VR, while mantaining a small form factor. Thanks to Noctua fans and CPU cooler, the system is performing pretty well, while maintaining almost zero noise (There's even space for CPU overclock). TEMPS are on average are 5/8 idle - 10/20 load degrees celsius over the ambient.

The case needed some modification to suit the oversized GPU.

Part Reviews


Perfect, even too much for gaming, but more future proof.

CPU Cooler

Cooles the CPU down withouth much hassle

Thermal Compound

Quality as expected


High quality and easily personalizable BIOS


Nice tradeoff quality <> price


I would say one of the best given its price. Don't forget to compare IOPS


Needed some custom work to accomodate oversized GPU that fitted nicely according to the manual.

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