I've built computers in the past, but never anything like this. I use this computer for gaming, work, 3D design, streaming, etc. I've never run into a problem that this build couldn't handle. The RAM might seem kind of overkill, but it helps when using Blender. Also, it's nice to know that I won't have to upgrade for a long while. I already had a couple of these parts and I got a couple of them cheaper than what was posted, so make sure to look out for sales and deals. If I remember correctly, I think I paid around $2800 or $2900 for everything; this is just the current price for all of the parts. I completely understand that my handiwork was extremely sub-par, I'll just have to work on that. If you have any questions or comments on how I could improve it in the future, please let me know! I will add a few more pictures soon, I dropped my phone and the camera broke during the end of the build.

Part Reviews


This CPU is a monster and I would highly recommend it. It is kind of expensive, but definitely worth it in my opinion.

CPU Cooler

It operates as it states it will, however it was definitely the most frustrating part to install.


The LEDs add a nice touch, I love the added white aesthetics, the bios is extremely noob user friendly and it wasn't that expensive.


It looks nice, it's not too gaudy and it operates at extremely optimal speeds.


I have used an SSD before, but this SSD is definitely the fastest I have ever used! I am completely in love with this piece.


For an HDD it is relatively quiet, I very rarely hear it at all. Even for an HDD it is still relatively fast, and it's a Hitachi so I'm confident that it will last for a while.

Video Card

I was kind of skeptical about getting the hybrid cooled 1080ti, but I'm definitely glad that I did. Not only does it keep my 1080ti ice cold, but it seems to keep my entire system a little cooler than normal. This is the god of all gaming graphics cards.


There is extreme amounts of room, its insanely durable, its quiet, the vents are nice, there are bays for days (lol), and it looks gorgeous. I will be using this case for a VERY long time.

Power Supply

It operates as expected, no issues yet.

Optical Drive

No complaints, it operates without issues and it sits completely flush with the front of the case.

Operating System

I almost went with Linux instead of windows 10 just because I didn't want to spend this much money just for an operating system. I ultimately went with Windows just because it is easier for gaming purposes. Also, I was able to find it reasonably cheaper, and yes... it is still definitely legal. I did extensive research into the matter. Overall, I love the OS, I just hate the price.

Wireless Network Adapter

This was extremely easy to install, required no digital setup and it works outstanding!


This monitor is gorgeous and sleek, it has a minimal bezel, its cheaper than ANY of the competitors... but I am noticing slight ghosting and screen tearing. On a side note, I found this as an open box for like $350.... so look for deals!


The RomerG switches definitely take a while to get used to, but man do I love them! The RGB is easy to set up, the keys are amazing and I can type faster than I have ever been able to, and it overall just looks and functions really well!


My friend convinced me to get this mouse, and I am so glad that he did! The adjustable weight is nice, the wire is durable and not intrusive, and it is overall my favorite mouse of all time.


For the price, these headphones are not bad at all. The sound quality is great and the RGB is a nice touch. However, the cord is shorter than many other headsets I have used in the past, and it feels really flimsy. Also, the mic is actually insanely good. With the right adjustments, the mic on this headset is almost as good as a Yeti at certain points. I didn't get the headset for the mic, but it is definitely a plus.


Works as advertised, is extremely durable.


Durable and works like a charm.


Don't underestimate this mic because of its size! It is INSANELY clear and I bought it because I really like the idea of using a small mic that stays out of my way. Also, I picked it up on sale for around $25!


I already had this TV and I just needed a second screen to monitor OBS and the chat during my stream. It works as advertised and it was relatively cheap. However, I really wish that it was 1080p.

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  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey, that's a neat case with those fans for the HDDs.

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

Oh yeah, I guess I didn't think about that... haha thanks xD

  • 30 months ago
  • 1 point

im just curious but did you have cpu heat issues with that cpu cooler?

  • 29 months ago
  • 1 point

I did at first, but once I reseated the cooler it was completely fine!

  • 29 months ago
  • 1 point

alright thanks, i just got done building basically the same pc, but i have the h55 cpu cooler, and asus strix 1080ti

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