My last build was in 2010 (first gen i7) and is still going strong for the programs I use and the games I play. However, my kids are getting into gaming and are interested in games that need more horsepower than their current one can provide. So of course that meant that I “needed” to build myself a new one and let them take mine which could easily handle the games they want to play.

For this build, I wanted to put together a rig that would last as long as my last one and build in some future proofing. I didn’t need the most powerful gaming rig because I’m not a hardcore gamer but I didn’t want to leave myself short either.

My goal was to stay under $1500. I was reusing one of my hard drives, my optical drive, and my monitor so I didn’t have to worry about the extra expense for those. I went with a mid-tower case to keep the cost down but took a risk on getting the CPU cooler to fit. As you can see from the pictures, I got it in there but couldn’t use the case holes designed for the radiator. The radiator fan is right up against the RAM, which bothers me bit, but all seems to be working fine regardless.

Part Reviews


I was considering the i7 but decided to put the cost difference into my video card instead.

CPU Cooler

Having the option to overclock my CPU, I wanted to make sure it stayed real cool. This cooler was probably overkill for what I do and it barely fit into my case but I really wanted it. I really like that I could change the color of the logo to red.


Awesome! Works great and the color is perfect for the scheme of my build.


It's RAM...and it works. The red looks great on the motherboard.


I love SSDs. My build boots ridiculously fast with this drive.

Video Card

Great card! Works with my color scheme perfectly. My only complaint is that I wish I could change the color of the MSI logo like I can on the Corsair CPU cooler.


Nice looking case. I wanted a full-tower case but didn't have the room and wanted to save some money to use elsewhere in this build. The Corsair website says the case can handle a 120 mm radiator, which is true; but when you put the fans on the bottom, they are right up against the RAM. No problems yet however.

Power Supply

I went with PSU because it was fully modular. I wanted to minimize the number of power cables on the inside of the machine. I chose the 750W so that I could add a second graphics card later if I wanted to.

Case Fan

I replaced the rear fan and added the other to the bottom of the case for more air flow and extra red lighting.


Great sounding speakers for the price and the red color works with my scheme. Sometimes, they do pick up some of my wireless router's signal which causes a clicking sound. Once I move the antennas a bit, the sound goes away - that's my only complaint.

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  • 56 months ago
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media dashboard? source?

  • 56 months ago
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Got it on Amazon. Click the view full price breakdown link and I have a direct link to it.

  • 56 months ago
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Looks like a solid build, 750 is a little overkill on the PSU, quality unit though good choice. Are you planning a second GPU in the future or something?

  • 56 months ago
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Exactly. I didn't want to put the extra money into the second card because I'm not a huge gamer but I wanted to leave the option open.

  • 56 months ago
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