A friend needed a newer CPU so I offered him my 8700k from my previous build and did a slight upgrade.

Everything went relatively smooth. I originally built in an NZXT H400 but it was terrible to build in so I switched to the Fractal Meshify Mini C.

This PC runs everything at 3440x1440p @ 120fps without issue.

Don't mind the PCI-e cables, they are getting replaced next week.

Part Reviews


Takes everything I throw at it without issues. Runs much cooler than the 8700k it replaced.

CPU Cooler

Moved to this from an H115i Pro due to case restraints. Thought I was going to take a big hit in cooling capacity, I was wrong. This does a fantastic job and is quiet as well.


Had everything I needed on it. Has a fancy LED on the top right of it. Haven't OC'd with it yet but I assume it will be decent.


This kit has made its way through 3 different builds and hasn't had one issue.


Bought this at $120, it dropped to $68 2 weeks later. Rekt. Works great.


Have had this as my OS drive for quite some time, works great!


Bought this for additional game storage, does the job without issue!


Got this for free years ago, works fine for storing memes.

Video Card

Bought this thing when it was overpriced. Love it. Had a Hybrid card in the past, did it again without remorse. Have never seen temps over 54C.


Super easy to build in and accepts a wide variety of parts.

Power Supply

This powers my 9900k and 1080Ti build without issues. Seasonic quality is always top notch.

Case Fan

Pushes alot of air and is very quiet.


Fantastic monitor! First one had an issue where it wouldn't come out of sleep mode. I called Dell and they literally overnighted another one. New one works without issue. Nothing better than almost 4k on an Ultrawide.


Its a keyboard. Easy to clean with the raised keys. No issues after a years time.


Have had this mouse for 2 years now, no issues. Paid $35 for it on Black Friday, don't pay more for it.


Love these headphones, favorite ones to date.


No issues with this at all. Survived a pretty crazy thunderstorm when other devices in the house died(TV died and it was hooked up to an APS unit).

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  • 16 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice!!! Just some advise, if you can can you hide the cables like PCIe ones. Anyways, you have a dark tempered glass panel so i dont expect you would be looking inside a lot. Nice build overall.

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! I actually have the EVGA power link which moves the pci cables towards the back of the case, just forgot to use it. I plan on adding an LED strip in the future so I'll just be replacing those two cables with a few from cable mod. Asus sent a 20% off coupon with the motherboard.

  • 16 months ago
  • 2 points

That monitor is a dream. I'm currently on a 2560x1080 ultrawide LG monitor, but I'm looking to get this monitor a couple years down the line. Ultrawidemasterrace!

Nice build, btw :)

  • 16 months ago
  • 2 points

I too had that same LG monitor but my GF stole it for work. I couldn't go back to regular so I bought this one to replace it.

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