As I was cleaning out my files, I ran across one of my first "serious" builds. I built Menace in Red in 2014. I used this machine for gaming and productivity. When I look back at the price list, I can safely say it was as expensive to build a rig back then as it is today. This build performed extremely well and did what I told it to do. I played RPGs and shooters with this rig and did graphic design work and video editing. I liked the ROG colors--a bold red and menacing black, which I incorporated into this build and unfortunately, got me into LED lighting, which bled into RGB.

The theme for the entire set up was using the black and red theme--the Razer key board and mouse were synced with the build's colors. I even had a Gigabyte mousepad that used LED colors. My biggest issue with this build was the heat--I would actually remove the side panel window during intense gaming or long work sessions. As you all know, Devil's Canyon OC'd got hotter then heck; and with two GTX 980 OC'd the inside of the Noctis case got really toasty. I originally had the Cooler Master V8 GTS, but opted to go AIO for more "efficient" cooling.

The Noctis case was nice to build in, lots of room and my friends at first didn't know what was sitting on my desk because of the Noctis's unusual shape. I didn't like the acrylic side panel as it scratched and seem to "warp" with the heat generated by all the OC'd components. Additionally, the finish on the case was a matt dark charcoal that easily scratched/scuffed.

I gave this build to my brother and my nephew in 2017. My nephew officially owns it now and he's using it to play Minecraft and shooters at 1080P 144hz. My nephew is bugging my brother to build a new gaming rig with Ryzen . . . of course, as a good uncle I am siding with my nephew - LOL!!!


Part Reviews


Nice chip, ran hot when OC'd. Good cooling was a must!

CPU Cooler

Flashy AIO when it first came out. It actually worked very well. These original Riing fans were great static pressure fans and performed really well with Devil's Canyon OC'd. I had this AIO in push/pull.


When I was shopping for part, I was torn with which MOBO to go with. The guy at Micro Center suggested to get this z97 board, and save the $ to get the other GPU. Glad I followed his advice, for a no frills Z97 board, this one worked well. BIOs was really easy to use and tweak the machine.


What can I say, I wanted LED lighting on my RAM sticks. I think this was one of the first ones to have it. What I like about the Crucial sticks is that they have always been great to OC. I learned to manually configure them--not fun when you're first learning! But these were expensive and were only available at 1600mHz

I eventually added another pair of sticks to get to 16GBs RAM memory.


Versus HDD - blazing fast!


NO issues with reliability.

Video Card

The GTX 900 series was a great offering for GPUs. When SLI support was "readily" available, fir those who didn't;t wanna fork out the $$ for the more expensive card, all you would need to do is buy two cards and get near same performance.


Unique design and for sure, an attention grabber! Lots of room to build int and had a built PWM fan hub! I had 11 fans in that case! AIO - six 120mm fans in push/pull Exhaust - one 140mm fan Front - three 120mm fans Bottom - one 120mm fan The acrylic side panel and the matte finished were the drawbacks for me.


Expensive when it first came out, but I liked the novel fast refresh rate (novel back then).

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