This build was initially completed with a meager parts list of an i5-6500 and a GTX 1060 3GB. This suited me well for about a year and a half before I kind of wanted to start upgrading again. My friend had an i5-8600k that he was upgrading from, and I purchased it from him used for $200. I was then satisfied for about half a year until I realized what was still bugging me. I wasn't able to drag every single slider in the games I played to the max settings. I had to compromise, minimize, drag things backward. This was not acceptable. Neither was the 63C that my 1060 was hitting. So, I sold my card and saved some more money and bought a 1070 ti from EVGA. I am now here, with my lovely computer. Pretty soon I'll be upgrading again- I'm about to buy a second 1070 ti SC HYBRID and then I'm going to get an Asrock Z390 Taichi and a 650W PSU.

Part Reviews


This processor is absolutely lovely! It can literally handle playing Rainbow Six: Siege and rendering an animation in Blender at the same time. The stats that I have running while ingame show that only about 30-50% of it is being used in AAA games. WOW this thing is a workhorse. Kinda droops my epeen though that it's an i5 rather than an i7, but that doesn't change how amazing it is.


I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THIS MOTHERBOARD! OH my goodness. It is one of the most beautiful boards that I have seen, ESPECIALLY for its mind-bogglingly low price. The rgb lighting is just enough to be a nice accent rather than a distraction from the parts, and the board itself has intricate details and looks STUNNING, especially with my current parts and theme of hard edges and soft lighting.


I got it for 60 USD when it was still being sold (can't find it anywhere anymore.) I don't have much to say about it, its an SSD and it does its job well. My boot time is about 4 seconds, and then it takes about 3 seconds to log in after I enter my password, both of which beat my BIOS time, though not when combined.


Meh. It's 5400RPM, and when I bought it I didn't know the differences. Wouldn't do it again. It's not worth the price point for the 5400rpm, seeing as you can get the same thing 8 bucks cheaper in 7200rpm. Don't buy it, honestly. The only reason I put three stars is that it does the job that its advertised to.

Video Card

This card is an absolute beast! I am currently running around a 250 MHz core clock boost and around a 380 MHz MEM clock boost. Under full load, I've seen the card get to 39C, and while idling this card managed to hit an insanely low temp of 15C! I'm extremely impressed; the only thing more that I could ask is RGB functionality so that it matches my build theme better than just white.


This case was the absolute bomb. Except for one thing. The radiator rack that slides out? It sucks ***. I could barely get it in and out, and it was constantly getting stuck. Don't get me wrong, the rack is very nice, and very helpful, but it was still harder to work with than it had to be. Cable management for this case was a DREAM, literally breezed through that part of it and barely had to give it a though. The case itself is absolutely stunning, and makes me feel like a million bucks when I see it on my desk!

Power Supply

This power supply is actually pretty damn good. It's running multiple overclocked parts and running two AIO watercooling loops and has never maxed and given any issues.

EDIT: Was stress testing for half an hour and it started rattling. ???

Wireless Network Adapter

HOLY JESUS IF YOU GAME GET THIS WIFI CARD! My wifi's max download speed is 140 mbps, quite decent if I do say so myself. THIS CARD CASUALLY HITS 450 MBPS! There is zero latency between my router and my PC during tests and it literally performs better than the ethernet cord that I tried experimenting with for a while. GET THIS WIFI CARD OH GOD


picked it up at a garage sale because I wanted a second monitor lol. It works pretty well; the colors aren't the best.


also lovely

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  • 11 months ago
  • 2 points

Need more picture focused on the computer. A most of the picture is focusing on your room and other components and not so mu the system just fyi, but cool setup nonetheless.

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be sure to post more pictures of my computer when I can then. I'm glad you liked the setup tho! _^

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  • 11 months ago
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I bought the SSD back before the prices really started to fall. It was about two years ago, and $60 for a 128gb SSD was the best deal I could find. I'm adding a 512gb m.2 soon to put games and things on because of the fact that the prices have dropped so much.

Also, it really isn't true that there's no benefit from getting another 1070 ti. That review sums it up quite nicely; for the games that I play there are MASSIVE performance boosts and I get almost 2080 ti level performance for about half the cost.

I do agree with you about the monitor though. The reason why I waited was that I had preferred to max out my settings previously rather than run on 1440p because there was a more noticeable difference with my setup- my monitor is about three feet away from my face and because of that it looks fine for now. After the hardware upgrades inside of my computer, I plan on getting a 21:9 monitor with at least a 100hz refresh rate and 1440p.