Started building my first PC around 10 months ago, been through many situations, changes, additions, etc. At last, I feel this is it, I’m very happy with this iteration.

So, from a noob point of view, this is what I’d like to share, I think it might be helpful for other PC building noobs.

Lessons learned:

• Don’t chip out on PSU, try to get the best possible right from the start.

• Go for the best GPU you can afford, I started with a 1060 and changed it for 1080, should have gone for the 1080 right from the start and avoid the hassle.

• Buy all your parts with warranty, this saved me when my Motherboard died for no good reason after six months of light use.

• All around tempered glass cases are pretty but not the best for air flow, for me is at least a lower 10 degrees difference, going from all tempered glass to mesh.

• PSU shroud on case looks way better, makes for a cleaner build.

• Mind the monitor resolution and capabilities from the beginning (duh), having a great PC and a low end monitor is no good, you can’t see all your hardware in action, get a monitor that will match your hardware output, for me a 27" 1440p res @ 144hz hits the sweet spot.


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