I use this pc mostly for gaming. And some editing. CS:GO, rainbow six siege’ fortnite and squad run very nicely. CS:GO and fortnite run well over 240 FPS with the monitor whilst siege plays 180 FPS average and 100 FPS on squad. It’s not a 9900k but it sure runs 240hz on esports titles.

Part Reviews


Probably the best price to performance cpu you can buy. 6 cores 12 threads make this even effective for light editing as well as gaming.

CPU Cooler

Amazing price to performance. £70 performed just as well as more expensive £150 coolers. Only downside it is doesn’t come with RGB however white led on the pump.


Voltages run a bit higher on this board due to a factory “over-volt” to get higher sustained clock speeds. However if your a running a sensible clock speed this isn’t a problem. Bios is super super easy to navigate through and everything is where it Should be.


Really nice overclocking potential with these, highly binned. Managed to achieve 3400mhz at cl16 timings.


Not the fastest, but does the job I brought it to do being a boot drive.


%100 recommend. Transformed my load times down to almost nothing and for the 500gb model £60!!! Sequential write speeds are about 3300-3400mb’s per second. Reads about 2000mb’s per second on the 500gb model


Excellent price for so much storage. Recommended for a long term storage solution.

Video Card

Very good model, when I bought it the card costed £330. A fair price for a well performing, well cooled card. The factory overclock adds a few frames over the stock card.


Good to build in, provides grommets and a power supply shroud. Very nice radiator support with a 280mm at top and 360mm on the front of the case. Nice minimalist look. Decent airflow

Power Supply

It does it’s basic function well. However if you can afford to upgrade I would as it comes with ketchup and mustard cables. The efficiency is only bronze too.

Case Fan

Very good airflow. Used as fans in my liquid cooler and they are excellent. The only reason the review is 4 stars is because the led’s could be brighter


Possibly not as good as a mechanical keyboard it’s still great for the low price. Excellent for somebody just getting into gaming.


Very very nice mouse. The sensor is pixel accurate and the best I’ve used. Braided cable. nice size. Comfortable for long gaming sessions. My only complaint is that the rubber grips on the side of the mouse are starting to wear down thin after only 6 months use


Best gaming headset around, used by all the pros such as team liquid.

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Nice build

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Thanks 🙂

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try getting some sleeved cables , they are not expensive