This is an updated version to the build i made last year, after my Z370 motherboard crashed i upgraded to the Z390H and 32GB of RAM. This is a much more comfortable build for what i do but it is a bit more expensive than the other one. However the Z390-H motherboard gives much more protection against potential faults in components or in itself. The RAM also adds a bit more "color" to the nice red accents of the machine's case. I also added peripherals i personally like with this setup, an RGB controlled mouse and keyboard along with over-ear headphones with a retractable microphone. I also added what thermal-paste i used with this computer too.

Part Reviews


Love this processor. It's held up through 4 boards, hasn't given me any odd temperature readings and hasn't even done so much as hiccup during heavy loads.

CPU Cooler

A little tight on clearance for my build, but it does an amazing job. It was a little bit of a chore getting locked into place due to how heavy it is and needing to align the dividing pin for the screws/bolts to get locked into place properly. But once it's on, it holds strong and doesn't wiggle unless you force it to (please don't lol)

Thermal Compound

Not the best paste, but for 14 bucks on Amazon? Does great and gives plenty of extra for multiple uses, even used it on the PS4 Pro and Slim i have after the stock paste dried out. Haven't had any problems with it thus far.


I ADORE this motherboard. surge protection on the RAM and PCIE slots, Tons of room to expand on with a nice black/red style to it. Goes great with the Spec 02 Corsair Carbide case I've got and is doing amazingly well with the equipment I've been throwing onto it.


RGB controlled, lots of options, great speeds, handles everything I throw at it. Great sticks for the price


Western Digital is my go-to for HDD and SSD's. Blue solids are used for my OS, while Black HDD's are used for my programs. :)


I love WD black HDDs, even got a 6TB recently for my games. They read quick, are fairly quiet, and are rated for performance. It is an amazingly efficient hard drive. Thanks again WD!


Lots of room, fast read times, solid performance and exceptionally happy with this hard drive.

Video Card

So this card runs great. I absolutely love how well it keeps up even after multiple years of upgrades being done in the Nvidia cards. This one in particular has gone through 3 builds, and barely flinches. I do have a small issue with how it sits on the board I have though, as it does sag, and it does put quite a lot of force on the board since it's only supported on the side with the screws.


I don't suggest this for a first build case. It's extremely tight, very little wire clearance in the back and doesn't have great access points for sata cables on most ATX boards. Now if you've been building for a while? Sure knock yourself out! The case feels great if you know what you're doing! And it has lots of space if you're going with liquid cooling (plus channels for external loops if desired if i'm not mistaken? Not entirely sure.) But for this particular build i've made it wasn't my best choice.

Power Supply

Hasn't blown, quiet fans, bronze certified and is modular enough to work with in a tight space like the Spec-02 case I've got. Corsair also has some great support in a pinch and was quick with replacements, no matter the wattage used. (went through 2 "550" watt and a "650" watt before switching up to the 750, even though my computer supposedly only uses around 450 under load.) In the end i'd suggest Corsair for power needs or EVGA.

Optical Drive

it reads discs, It does what I got it for :P after installing my OS i unplugged it, but it does play movies when i'm bored. So in my books that's a good disc reader :)

Wireless Network Adapter

Does great! Although if you're using the Corsair Spec 02 case with a Z390H board, don't use this. The PCIE slots do not line up for this Network adapter to fit properly. I needed to remove (bend outward like a handle actually) one of the guard bars for this adapter to lock into place. Otherwise? I haven't had anything negative about the piece of hardware working! It just doesn't play nicely with my case.

Case Fan

color controlled rings, fit nicely in the case with soft bushings to decrease noise. VERY quiet even at 100% speed. :D

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  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Did you have any issues with the CM Hyper 212 fitting in this case? The clearance is pretty tight? I have the same case and wanted to use it, but was worried it wouldn't fit.

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

nope! No problem getting the Evo 212 to fit in. It's definitely tight though, only about 3mm clearance between the prongs and the glass from eye-balling the distance. But, it does fit and it holds snug. Sorry for the late reply!

  • 1 month ago
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  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

How are the fans? I seen alot of peeps complainong about what to you think?

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

So far i haven't had any issues with them. They're quiet, the rubber padding on the corners means no sound from rattling if it did, they seem pretty balanced, the blades feel solid (like they won't break if you touch them. I feel confident actually cleaning them and not just running a cotton swab on them if that makes sense). Plus they're easy to replace since most best-buys carry them too. The only thing i have to complain about is the control box; it is a little difficult to find a space for. The cables are long which is good, but for a medium sized case they're a little too long. The cable housing tubes are pretty cheap too. Other than those small caveats they haven't given me any issues in almost 2 years.