Coming from a PS3 and a 2010 MacBook Pro, I decided I wanted to get further into PC gaming and build my own rig. I had spent many hours researching PC building, and then I went on the hunt for parts. Eventually my budget sprang from about AUD$800 to AUD$1200. Many of my friends had built their own PC and I was about to embark on the PC experience.

Meet 'Nachos'

Case and Aesthetics - I was set on the s340 from the beginning, unfortunately the supply of these was terrible over here in Australia. This delayed the build very much. I was first planning on a black and white colour scheme until my motherboard just ruined it. The case was a great to build in. The cable management holes and the multiple tie down points made cable management easy. I'm not that good at it but I was able to get a majority of the cables channelled behind the cable management bar and through the cut outs provided

CPU and Cooler - I never had planned to overclock, as that seemed to be a bit expensive and complicated for me, so I played it safe with a great Quad-Core intel i5. I found this Kraken X60 for AUD$70, which was a steal. I was going to change out the stock cooler anyway if this deal didn't come up.

Motherboard - Since I wasn't planning to overclock, I went simply with the h170 chipset to still get some great features. This was cheaper than most other boards similar at the time, has 8 USB ports at the back, support for USB 3, M.2 Slot, Dual bios and many more features. What more could I need!

System Memory – Nothing Fancy, just 16GB of standard 2133mHz DDR4 Storage – I wanted the speed of an SSD and the storage of an HDD, So I went with a cheap 120GB ssd for windows and most basic frequently used things and a HDD which I already had lying around.

GPU – I found this on special for AUD$340 and so I went with this since it is a decent 1080p card. It is known to get very hot, so I set a custom fan curve and its actually not that loud. This handles all games I can throw at it and performs well overall.

PSU – Again, nothing amazing. Just to be able to power the monster R9 390. Nice semi-modular design, all black and braided cables!!!

I do plan on changing the 2 standard NZXT 120mm fans for quieter Corsair ones, and adding better photos when I can.

Thanks for taking a look at my build!

Part Reviews


Amazing Intel Quad-Core, best option for those not opting to overclock


Really reliable and good all round motherboard with lots of extra features. Usb 3.0 header, Dual Bios, Great Audio capacitors, nice heat sinks and black PCB .There are plenty of fan headers, but there placement on the motherboard is not ideal. This can be annoying, but the purchase of fan extension cables works fine.


Great value Ram, Kingston is very reliable. Comes with a cool Hyper X sticker too!!!


Cheap, quick, nice value. But if you are looking for greater speeds, look somewhere else


Sometimes loud, but very cheap and reliable.

Video Card

Handles new games with ease. Fans can be loud and it may get hot, (80C +). Easy to set a custom fan curve to combat this. Led light is a nice touch, and a neutral brushed metal backplate


Great routing holes, and strapping down points. Standoffs pre-installed which is great. Beautiful case with window. Comes with 2x 120mm fans which get loud. nice SSD mount on top of the PSU cover. Lots of space to cable manage out of sight and a great hole for GPU cables.

Power Supply

Cool, cheap semi modular PSU, Black and Braided Cables!!!!

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  • 41 months ago
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Lol thats not close to budget. $1000 is a lot of money

  • 41 months ago
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can you post some better pics? +1

  • 41 months ago
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Good description. I'm with Watertriber wanting more better pictures.

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