(UPDATED - New CM MB600L Case $50 - Sold for $550)

The very first computer I built, (2015); with my step-dads help. I selected all the parts, paid for it, and surprised him when I asked for his help putting it together. He's a systems analyst and before this project we never really talked about what that meant, so building this together really helped me connect. Till this day, (even if we normally don't talk much), at least now we speak the same language. :)

I'm finally at the point where I feel I got my monies worth and am going to upgrade, so I wanted to share this for posterity and inspiration.

I still play EVERYTHING on it. I don't over clock, its way to hot in my room and I'm a bad parent. I don't clean my computer as often as I should so rust and dust have been an issue, (granted I live next to a freeway and the beach is a mile~ away in 5/8 directions). But temp. has never been a problem.

**(The Prices listed are what each component is currently listed at, unless unavailable, in which case I listed the price I paid in May of 2015.)

Part Reviews


Cant complain, paid for itself, no problem.

CPU Cooler

The Monster Heart of my machine. My entire color scheme and "cooling scheme" was built around this. A monster at the time, a bit loud atm, no problems ever. Easy to install and the Candy in the case, (along with that 'rebar' from the Strix GPU).


Pleasing on the eyes and easy to use. Everything integrated flawlessly. Love the accents and lack of RBG.

Video Card

Still play everything on as high a setting as possible, and while I experience some tearing, mostly due to latency, I've not been brave enough to try over clocking.

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Yeah, it was my 1st attempt. I was just trying to get it to turn on and once it started working I never touched it again like a house of cards or that T.V. antenna.

At the moment though, I just deconstructed it, cleaned it, and migrating everything over to a new case for resale. I hope to put those pictures up here as well soon. :)

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