A long time ago, I attempted to build my first gaming PC with a Kaveri APU and Rosewill $20 case. Not being able to see any directions for which screws to use for what in the manual, I screwed them in at random. Needless to say, I went crazy trying to troubleshoot why my PC wouldnt POST, and as an end result was $400 down the drain. Now, this is the story of how I learned from my mistakes. After taking my PC to a computer shop, I had learned everything that I did wrong and had promised myself I would never destroy my wallet again. With my tax return, about 3 years later I am now able to present Karl, my new custom built PC.

While at the moment he is lost of a GPU, that plans to be my first upgrade, as two months is enough to wait for an amazing gaming PC, opposed to buying a pentium build now with my $500 budget.

The point of this build was to give me a good starting point with components at a premium, opposed to budget components you would find in a build of a similar budget. This is why I could fit an i5, SSD, NZXT S340 case, etc. in a $500 pricepoint, as I was searching for upgradibility, and I am not dissapointed. The only thing I cant upgrade with this build is the overclocking ability, as B250 motherboards cant overclock. When I get a new GPU and cooler, this machine is going to look much more powerful. Not to mention cosmetic upgrades with purple LEDS.

Part Reviews


The i5-7500 is an amazing processor. For most people, this is all youll need. While you cant overclock with it, this processor is already the bread and butter of the build and also left me room to not skimp out on other components. Planning to get a nice cooler for this baby, want it to last a long time.


This B250 motherboard is especially great for $80. However, the orange LED backlight drives me crazy! If anyone knows how to change the LED color on Gigabyte motherboards, please let me know.


It's RAM, no complaints. Doesnt run hot. Plan to upgrade to 16gb down the line, I'm a heavy multitasker.


Tried and true, I think everyone has bought one.


The hype is real.

Power Supply

If there was one thing I would change about this build. It would be this. While its my fault for skimping out and paying for a $35 power supply, I wish I hadn't. With all the extra cables hidden in the back panel, I can barely close it! Not to mention the while partially sleeved, extremely ugly wires. For relief from a headache like this, I would've gone and paid $60 for a modular power supply. My bad!


For $200 it comes with freesync, speakers, 144hz 1080p with 1ms response time. After changing the colors a bit, this is a beautiful display.


Friend gave this mosue to me. For a free mouse, it's amazing. The buttons are nice, feels good in the hand, and has customizable LEDs. Couldnt ask for anything more


This is an amazing headset for $40, and my voice sounds crystal clear through the mic.

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  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

For how cheap a Hyper 212 Evo cpu cooler is, i'm surprised you didn't pick one up. Performs much better than a stock cooler. A great build none the less :)

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

I was planning on getting a Corsair H100 in the future, however the HYPER 212 does look as if the bang for the buck is much better. That might be a nice upgrade idea!

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

I'm curious about that monitor, how are you liking it? Great build btw =]

  • 35 months ago
  • 2 points

I enjoy the monitor quite a bit actually! The out of box color isnt the best but its adjustable. If you have an AMD GPU to take advantage of the freesync, Id really reccomend it.

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

The LEDs can be disabled in BIOS. You can't change the color, I'm afraid.

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

A shame, I guess ill disable them and put in some purple RGB lights or fans or something of the sort.

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

Cool build, I like your setup too! I can't help but recommend the RX 480 if you plan to take full advantage of that monitor. It will be compatible with FreeSync and it can reach that 144 Hz refresh rate in some games, even if you have to tweak the video settings. (With older or less demanding games, like Minecraft, it'd be easy)

I plan on buying that monitor myself and pairing it with an RX 480. I'm glad to hear the monitor is working well so far, and I hope it looks even better once you get a dedicated GPU!

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

Youll love the monitor, I know i love mine. When I have the money in two months, the RX 480s my first choice for sure, and im also curious about Vega, although the price may be a bit steep.