I started getting interested in building a PC in the summer of 2017. For the past 2.5 years, I have had a Dell gaming laptop with a quad-core i5-6300HQ and a GTX 960M (like a 960 but smaller and slower). After countless YouTube videos by Bitwit, Jayztwocents, Gamer’s Nexus, and more, I finally saved up and bought all the parts in November and built it in December. This is my first PC build and so far, everything is perfect, I have an amazing rig.

I also purchased a monitor and keyboard because all I had before was a laptop and a mouse. I got the MSI MAG24C 144hz 1080p monitor that was $200 with an height-adjustable stand and the Corsair K65 LUX RGB mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Reds.

Some side notes from a first time builder and my experience: It might be helpful to look at YouTube videos or the manuals while you build. Remember to screw in the screws back into the case when installing the GPU. It will be either 2 or 3 depending on how big your GPU is. Some of these screws are really hard to unscrew for some reason, just get a bigger screw driver and keep trying. It took almost 5 hours to build it so make sure you have enough time on the day you build it. Count to make sure you have eight parts in your PC.

Thank you for checking out my build, if you have any questions or thoughts on what I did right/wrong feel free to comment below.

EDIT: The RTX 2060 just came out and looks to be better in some games to the 1070 Ti and worse in others. It has the RT cores and it is newer, so of course, if this was available in November, I would have gotten this. However, in the few months that I've had my card, that value, in my opinion, would outweigh the extra features on the 2060 that I would probably never use. I think that if a computer or computer part can get the job done, don't wait for the next generation because there will always be a next generation.

EDIT 3/21/19: If I had to build this again, I would go for the Micro-ATX NZXT H400 or Mini_ITX NZXT H200. Also, for some reason the CPU stopped liking to be overclocked in the bios so I have to use AMD Ryzen Master to overclock it, which I have to reapply everytime I turn on my PC. Also my microphone, while sounding great, randomly turns up the gain, which I think is something to do with Blue Sherpa software but it ear-rapes my friends in discord and it's really annoying to have to tab out and into games every few hours. Dunno why it does this so if anyone knows please tell me :(

Part Reviews


While Intel is better in pure gaming, it is worse for everything else, and a lot more expensive. I went with this because it was only $180 and the jump to $260 (price of the second-gen, 2700) was too much for only 300 Mhz difference. I plan to stream and record, while having chrome tabs that I don’t have to close. I overclocked it to 3.8 GHz while at 71°C in AIDA64.

CPU Cooler

I could’ve gone with the stock cooler, but I wanted something extra quiet that would keep it cooler. It looks amazing and keeps my Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.8 Ghz cool at 71°C. I got it because I had some money left over and I really care about longevity. For most, I would recommend the stock cooler but personally I just like the aftermarket cooler.


After mail-in rebates, this was only $80. It looks amazing and has nice heatsinks with tasteful RGB. It’s all black so it matched my build perfectly and for this price, it was unbeatable.


I wanted 16GB because 8 isn’t going to be enough in a few years, and I like to leave tabs open so this should help with that. Also, Ryzen benefits off of faster RAM so the 3200 speed is really good for the CPU.


The problem with most of these $1000 builds is that it only has a 250 or 500GB SSD, and maybe another HDD. I wanted to go full SSD because it is way faster and the HDD will become obsolete in most consumer gaming builds in years to come. I hope this will last me 4 years, but if not, I would be happy that I didn’t spend the extra on an HDD and put it to another SSD.

Video Card

The star of my build. When I bought it, it was only slightly more expensive than the 1070, and a ton cheaper than the 1080 or 2070. For high refresh 1080p gaming, it might be a little overkill but I know I will have 144hz goodness for many years to come. I overclocked it +200 Mhz on the clock and +440 Mhz on the memory. It usually sits at around 2037 Mhz @ 72°C.


It is super simple, all black, and not flashy. NZXT is very reliable and easy to build in, so this was a no-brainer for me. I also considered Fractal Design cases but I’m not feeling the mesh and the Define C TG is being pushed out of their line-up unfortunately. I moved the top fan to the front to balance the airflow.

Power Supply

I wanted a fully modular PSU and this was the cheapest one at the time at $50. Reliable, relatively cheap, and not too much more than the typical semi-modular bronze certified PSUs. I plan to put in custom sleeved cables in the future, but for now, the all black cables are fine.

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  • 15 months ago
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Great build!

  • 13 months ago
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I got interested in building PCs at the same exact time you did man, got mine built in January of 2018. Been my most prized possession ever since

  • 13 months ago
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You should post your build I'd love to see it :)

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  • 16 months ago
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Thanks! I should probably post more pictures of it tbh