This is my first build and it took me months of preparation. I did tons of research making sure all my parts were compatible and able to fit my needs and budget. I probably spent hours watching build videos, but it all payed off. I know not everything is color coordinated, but performance is what mattered to me most. Also, I know the graphics card is a pup compared to others, but I wanted to make sure I had a strong foundation (ie. motherboard, CPU, etc.) rather than spending more on a graphics card because I want this PC to last a long time. If I really feel like I need a better graphics card I'll get one, but so far it's actually proved itself.

Part Reviews


This CPU isn't top notch, but for me it is. It's pretty fast with it's 3.6 ghz.

CPU Cooler

I first had a water cooler, but then came to realize it wasn't compatible with my motherboard and that I'd have to order a new bracket from the website. I didn't feel like waiting weeks for it so I bought this because it had incredible reviews. For only $60 it's amazing. It's quiet and keeps my CPU really chill.


I have no complaints about this motherboard. It works perfectly and adds sparkle with the customizable colors ;).


Ram is fast. No complaints here.


It's pretty amazing switching from a 1Tb laptop to a gaming PC with SSD. My startup time is about 5-10 seconds. That's even after 3 months of use.


It's a hard drive. Can't expect anything spectacular; works great though.

Video Card

As I mentioned in the description, it was all I could get at that time, but it proved it's use and works smoothly. Screen tearing happens in certain games here and there, but overall it's phenomenal for only $180.


Cheap affordable case that includes a clear window for viewing the beauty of technology. Also great mobility for cable management xD.

Power Supply

Powerful, sturdy PSU. Only issue I had was the sata power cable was in a weird position so I couldn't mount my SSD properly. Meaning it's at an angle and not lying flat on the interior.

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  • 23 months ago
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If the ssd position bugs you, a sata cable extender would fix it. They are $5-$10 USD on amazon. Or you could get a purple cable mod set if you wanted to add to the purple theme.

  • 23 months ago
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Yeah I've been thinking about it. Thanks for the info :D.

  • 23 months ago
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Nice build

  • 14 months ago
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