First off this is my second build, first one I would rather not discuss haha. I wanted a clean and efficient gaming pc as well as something beautiful to look at. The beauty aspect was the cause to the nightmares with this build but it has all been sorted out now. Now that it is completed I will begin to get some benchmark data and see what she can do. Any feedback would be great guys because this site really helped me build what I truly wanted for a long time. Thanks !

Part Reviews


Runs great at stock and may overclock it if needed.

CPU Cooler

Only con for me is the cue software gives me some trouble sometimes.


Like the board bios works how it should just want more usb 2.0 headers haha


Great drive for loading and playing games on. Also looks sharp in the build.


Great boot drive fast and simple to install.

Video Card

Love the card runs great at 144hz. Games are maxed out and run like butter.


Love Corsair cases and this one is a monster. Removable panels feel a little cheap but do the job.


Little washed out but great for the price.


Love this keyboard. Rgb looks fantastic.


Not in love and may change out for something a little more user friendly.


Piece of mind and does the job.

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  • 6 months ago
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How is the WD M.2 Drive performance/reliability so far? is it recommended compared to ADATA/Kingston ?


  • 6 months ago
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Really nice build.