Backstory time: A couple of years ago I purchased my first ever computer, an Acer prebuilt with a core i5-6400 and a radeon r7 290. It was good, until it wasn't. As games moved further along my PC felt more and more underpowered and an upgrade to a 1060 did little to change this.

Welcome centre stage, my new build. My first proper build. Acid Green

At 16 years old saving up for a high end PC was not easy so eBay and Facebook marketplace became my best friends in the search for great hardware. My total budget was £1,300 and this came out to £1255.31. So I'm pretty happy with what I've got myself. The build went very smoothly, until it didn't. I bought my Motherboard, CPU and Graphics Card second hand, so I was expecting a few bumps. What I wasn't expecting was the USB 3.0 headers to be bent to all hell. Not a problem, attacked it with a screwdriver for a few minutes and it was all fixed. Then came the problems with the Graphics Card... I had bought the GPU with an AIO water cooler on it. Great news! Unfortunately the pump on the AIO died withing mere hours of posting. So I had to tear down a GPU cooler and apply the stock one. On my first build. Not ideal but it went pretty smoothly all things considered.

I use the computer for Video Editing, 3D rendering and Photo editing. And obviously gaming. This PC is absolutely perfect for what I need to do and I love it to bits!

Part Reviews


Fantastic CPU, 8 cores and 16 threads is brilliant for both gaming and content creation. Love it

CPU Cooler

The RGB is smooth as hell, loads of great lighting effects. NZXT CAM software is nothing short of a masterpiece to use, brilliant bit of kit. Included fans are incredibly quiet!


Good motherboard, handy uefi bios. Only thing that lets it down is MSI's softwares which are less than good


Beautiful ram! The lighting on it brilliant! For the price I paid for it the 4000mhz is great especially for Ryzen CPUs

Video Card

Slightly outdated at this point in time. But still a very good card! Better than a 1080ti and a 2080 in gaming and in content creation! If you can find this card second hand it's and absolute steal!


IMO the nicest case you can buy on today's market.

Power Supply

Do not be put off by how cheap the unit is! This PSU is incredibly high quality and I will be using this again for future builds! Near silent operation and actually really nice stock cables to be completely honest.

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