This build I made for a friend who does photography and videography for weddings and different events. She actually did the videography for my wedding for free as a gift to my Wife and I. She does things like that for so many of us in our friend group all the while trying to grow her business ON A LAPTOP. She told me she'll leave her laptop rendering over night and go to bed while she waits. So it seemed appropriate for me to get my friends together and pool our money to build her a PC that includes a 4k IPS Monitor!

I was able to get a stable 4.1ghz on the 2700x which for my first time overclocking I'm pretty proud of. I couldn't seem to get Cinebench r15 to download correctly so I got a 4098 score on Cinebench r20. The ram worked at 3200mhz easy. I ran it under Aida 64 for many 15 minute intervals and the CPU tops out at 79 degrees Celsius.

I modified a lot on this case. One of my friends father had a laser engraver that he allowed me to use to mod her PC with. I first cut out a front logo with her business logo on it and did the same thing on her side panel. I also cut out a GPU backplate which I spray painted on the backside and filled with white acrylic paint on the front side. I think it turned out pretty good! I also spray painted the motherboard heat sinks white because black and silver didn't cut it for the colors of the build.

We held a surprise party for her and she was blown away! She struggled a lot this year cause she moved to Atlanta to network her business and she had never left her home till then. Through this build we were able to show her love and encouragement and show her we are here for her.

Part Reviews


This guy is a beast! I was able to achieve a stable 4.1 ghz overclock on it and it renders fast like nobody's business.

CPU Cooler

I like this water cooler a lot because it is pretty quiet! One thing to note is that the fans are more of a grey and I didn't catch that when viewing it in the photos (I thought they were white.)


Not sure if this has to do with motherboard or the silicone lottery but I was only able to achieve 4.1 ghz on my 2700x with this board. Otherwise overclocked my ram with ease to 3200mhz. Great expand-ability in the future!


Runs 3200mhz with no issues!


This is a great boot drive! Definitely recommend it - very fast.


Got this at a great price! Love the color to match my motherboard colors. Using this as her drive for any current work that is being done.

Video Card

8gb of vram at this price is fantastic! Runs super quiet cause of fanless Idle Temps.


This case is amazing for because it is so modular! You can take almost every part of this case and swap it to a different side. I went for a side orientation on this case to look like the classic desktop computer case.

Power Supply

This PSU hit all my checklist for Power Supply (a very short checklist.) 80+ certification EVGA branded

Case Fan

Love the colors and it's PWM!


This was a great monitor for the price. Perfect for the photographers: 4k and IPS panel. The stand is awesome; it rotates, raises, and tilts!

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  • 10 months ago
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That’s some silicone lottery material wow

  • 9 months ago
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thats awesome u did that for her and with some very tasteful personal touches i might add