This was a build for my 9 year old who wanted a PC for gaming and to store all his movies and music. Just as with the build for his brother, budget was a huge limiting factor. I wanted something that he could easily upgrade in the future, but that would still be more than enough for him for the next few years. His current laptop was always glitching out and giving him constant frustration when trying to play multiplayer games, so I wanted to make sure his new PC would have no issues handling ARK, PvZ:GW, and his other Steam games. This build was a winner! He absolutely loves the way it looks (he chose all the LEDs!), he's got a gazillion movies on there, his Steam games run flawlessly with graphics set to Ultra-High or Epic. It more than covers everything a gamer-kid could ask for and it was relatively affordable. I would recommend this build for anyone looking at a solid entry-level gaming PC on a budget.

Part Reviews


More than enough CPU for what we need. If you're new to building PCs, be careful with that thermal paste!! We had a few tense moments but that was my fault and nothing to do with this CPU!


If you're new to building PCs, the instructions in this are kinda rubbish! We got there in the end, but it was slow. The Mortar Arctic is not much more money and it's a heck of a lot easier to figure out. We got this for the red LEDs. I'm happy with the mobo's performance and it's got everything we need, I am purely taking away 1 star because of the poor instructions.


Chosen because they are red! Nice.


Took away 1 star because it's a little noisy, but that's what you get for the money I suppose.

Video Card

Love this card. The fans are great, the LED highlights look fab. Brilliant performance. If you're looking to get an intro gaming computer, this card more than does the job. Very happy.


I've already viewed this so won't double-up, but for a budget case this one is great.

Optical Drive

Does the job but it's noisy. We don't need to use it much, and I'm glad we got an optical drive to suit some CDs he has, but I knew I was buying a budget unit.


This is a big keyboard. For our limited desk area I would have preferred something smaller, but I like the sloped wrist rest, and the kids are impressed by the LEDs. I'd be tempted to try a different model in future.

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I liked both of the build