Very first PC build. Tried to stick to a monochromatic color scheme and MSI/ Corsair parts.

Really a great first build, with not to much cable management! Unfortunately when first assembling this PC I was sent a faulty tempered glass side panel which exploded into thousands of pieces in my PC (partially my fault). Luckily none got into my PSU and the rest were easily vacuumed out. Fractal Support was great and sent me a new one in two weeks for absolutely free. Love this system so far, planned upgrades for some more fans, possibly an AIO cooler if it fits. Then add another 1TB M.2 and it will be perfect for me! All lighting is controlled through MSI Mystic Link (not amazing but works) and Corsair iCUE (awesome especially if you have Corsair peripherals.)

Added 16 GB of ram same as the white just in the black color this time round. Also put in another fan for better air flow. Upgrades are addicting just hurt the wallet.

Part Reviews


I was going to go for the AMD Ryzen 5 2600x, but ultimately decided to go for the upgrade as it was only 20 USD at the time. Has worked phenomenally so far at stock specs. I am using the included CPU Fan (Wraith Spire RGB) can run CPU intensive games very well with the stock fan curve.


The M.2 is amazing, and helps reduce cable management issues. The RGB is kinda eh, you can definitely tell where each individual LED is. Otherwise would reccomend this motherboard, has great features like Wifi and M.2 support and right angle SATA connectors. (Mystic Light RGB Control)


Looks and works great. Nothing else needs to be said. I believe that you can OC it a bit but haven't gotten around to that yet. (iCUE RGB Control)


Excellent little M.2 good load times and no annoying sata cables!

Video Card

The MSI GeForce RTX 2070 in this build is an armor edition and was found on sale for ~480. AMAZING bang for your buck if you want to go the MSI route as I did in this build. Functions great, and still has a little bit of RGB on the MSI logo that is surrounded by the white part of the shroud. (Mystic Light RGB Control)


One complaint about the case, is that it is smaller, my graphics card only has a bout an inch of clearance from the front panel fans. Also not that much room on top of the motherboard to work with because of the Carbons heat sinks sticking up a bit. Might not be a problem, just off of looks may cause trouble for some people.

I was sent a faulty TG side panel, Fractal Design Support took care of me and within 2 weeks had a brand new one shipped out for free.

Everything else is amazing and works flawlessly. Beautiful design, and not loud despite the mesh. Easy cable management for a first time build.

Power Supply

Haven't had any issues, two CPU and GPU slots that definitely came in handy. Really nice semi-modular design. Comes with good quality black cables. Good job EVGA.

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  • 8 months ago
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Looks alot like mine. Very similar parts! It's pretty good isn't it?

  • 8 months ago
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Its killing it for me!