After I lost my previous gaming pc to a craigslist scammer, I set out to build a PC faster than any other I had owned previously. So after Christmas and Birthday money were pooled together, I could finally start the building process.

The build itself looks really good and I don't think I could've done any better. The main gripe I have about the whole experience is the case design. The Deepcool Matrexx 55 has a sleek look and rgb fans but the hard drive cage was WAY too close to the power supply and made it super difficult to install it. So, I had to drill out the rivets that held the cage in. Luckily, there are SSD mounts inside the case next to the motherboard.

Other than the case having to be modified slightly, everything else was simple. If you plan on buying this case, be wary of your PSU length.

The 1700x and 2060 together tear through all games I've thrown at it. Couldn't ask for a better combo for the price.

Next upgrade is an ssd, possibly another 16gb of ram.

Edit: After a while I tried overclocking my cpu, and I believe I may have a silicon lottery winner. I was able to get up to roughly 4.2ghz on all cores before it crashed. I've left it at 3.8ghz just for a better speeds. I also added a 2.5" SHD from my laptop for more storage.

Edit: I finally bought a keyboard with RGB lighting, I also did some more cable management, and got a monitor that wasn't 60hz lol. This setup just keeps getting better for me, especially the little things such as getting an xbox one controller for some of the games I play. I also changed the color scheme of this build to black and teal. I wanted black and white, but I could not get my deathadder to display white correctly, it came out as more of a weird beige color. I'll post some pictures when I have time!

Part Reviews


Very fast and reliable

CPU Cooler

Extremely quiet and sleek-looking. The fans are a bit of a pain to get on. Everything else about this cooler are 10/10


Booted first time, easy to install m.2 ssd's, nice Bios menu, and best of all, it has RGB! It's a really nice motherboard for the price and my unit doesn't flex at all. Highly recommend this board to anyone on a budget.

Video Card

This card is so fast!! I can run practically any game on ultra settings with playable frame rate. It can also run in 4K staying around 30 FPS, HIGHLY recommend this card to anyone thinking about building a pc!


This is a really nice case. I only wished I was paying attention when I bought my power supply because the one I bought was 10mm longer than the maximum length, so I had to drill the hard drive cage out to get it to fit. I can always superglue it back in if I need it. I think I'm going to buy a define r6 just because I've had a Fractal Design case already, and the r6 just looks really nice.

Power Supply

Slight coil whine, other than that it's really nice.


It's a great monitor don't get me wrong, this one came with a stuck pixel, and Amazon won't take it back unless it has more than one.

Edit: The stuck pixel went away after a while, but I also didn't mention that it came with scratches on the bezel of the monitor. Again, I didn't even bother talking to Amazon about it because I knew that it would take forever to get it back.


I bought the Orange switches for this keyboard, even though I've been using blues for years. I thought I might like them better once I used them for a while. I've been using it for a few hours and I gotta say that I like these WAY better than the blues! Besides that, the wristwrest is super comfortable for me, the rgb is really nice, and the software is easy to navigate. My only gripe is that the Function button doesn't have any lighting.


Scroll wheel feels so much better compared to the deathadder! The adjustable DPI buttons at the top of the mouse are gonna take some getting used to, but will definitely come in handy. The RGB is ASTOUNDINGLY better than the Deathadder Chroma, simply because the colors are much more vibrant. Another plus is that the "hump" is higher than the Deathadder, which is better for my playstyle. Highly recommend this mouse to any and every single PC gamer!


Just got these today and I have to say that I am in love. This is the first pair of wireless headphones I've ever owned myself. I had the Corsair Void Pro's for years and these are just so much better for comfort. The wireless feature makes it even better. The only gripe I have with these is that the software isn't very nice for setting your equalization settings. I recommend downloading Peace, and configuring it that way, makes it much better. They also connected right away, didn't have to fiddle with them, and they came half-charged so I'll find out how great the battery is and edit this thread after the fact.

Edit: It's been a while and I do have some things to say. The ear cups are not thick enough (for me) for extended hours of gameplay. I've looked into some replacement ones that are thicker and will save my ears from the ache. The battery life is amazing, they've never died on me once. I think I've only seen the power led on yellow one time. As far as charging goes, it really doesn't take that long and it doesn't overcharge the battery either. My friends tell me that the microphone is much clearer than the previous headset that I used (Corsair Void Pro). I love this headset, couldn't have picked a better one for what I do on my computer. Just be aware that if you have bigger ears like me that you might have to buy the thicker replacements.


This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who plays racing games and cannot afford a full racing sim. My xbox one controller hooked up to it immediately and doesn't lose connection unless the controller dies. I use this thing for GTA, Forza, and everything else that I can't play with a keyboard. Highly recommend this to anyone that has a xbox one controller because it makes certain games so much easier!

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  • 16 months ago
  • 2 points

Looks nice and clean! +1

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

Damn i have the same RAM and i want this cpu cooler

Is the fit really tight or are there any obstructions with RAM clearance?

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

I had no problems with RAM clearance, I think I still have enough clearance to put in 2 more sticks without taking the cooler off if I choose. Highly recommend you get this cooler if it fits in your case!

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi, How is the motherboard performance/stability so far ? Recommended ?


  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

I've had no issues with performance or stability downfall in the time I've owned it. I highly recommend this board to anyone wanting a ryzen cpu. Worst thing about it is the lighting software you have to use, most games that use the easy anti-cheat, like Apex, will think that you are using cheating software because of it. You'll have to turn it off in the task manager but your lighting will stay the same.

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

Mind if I ask how you got scammed? Also nice build +1

  • 14 months ago
  • 2 points

When I sold my previous PC, I had the payment set up through PayPal and the dude cancelled the transaction once I gave him a tracking number.

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

Man that sucks, I really hope that won't happen to you again.

  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

The Skyrim map on the wall, is that the OG week 1 release map or the special edition plastic one?

[comment deleted]