I wanted a budget PC for gaming(yay) and an average High-School student's homework. So far, my main favorite games(so far) on their max settings are Fortnite(90fps while recording) and CS-GO(200fps). My PC works great, and before anyone bugs me about the i5 6600k without the Z-170 motherboard, I want to explain that I bought it for $210, and that is only $5 more than the i5 6500, plus I hate the look of those Intel coolers. Oh... i also bought the cooler for $20, which isn't bad(I love the look). One thing that I completely hated about this was the price of RAM. For 2x4 gb, I paid $88, and that was the cheapest I could find. One last thing... Please ignore the spaghetti in the bottom right corner! The power supply that I bought wasn't modular, so there was no way that I could take out the millions of cables that I'm never going to use. My PC doesn't have a "basement" to stash those cables in, so there are just there in plain sight.

Part Reviews


Works GREAT! I love the "Max Turbo Frequency," because it can go up to 3.9 GHz under load. Fantastic for my type of gaming! I got it for $209

CPU Cooler

Love the look! It keeps my CPU nice and cool. Got it for $20


Has everything I need! This motherboard has 4 SATA connections, not 2!(way more than I need), and it even has some red LEDs on the back.


Super Expensive! I wanted 2x8 GB RAM, but it was almost $160, so I decided to pay $88 for this. I wanted to wait for the prices to drop, but it seems like they are just continuing to rise. Works well, but would have liked more GBs


Perfect 1TB drive! I wanted an SSD, but decided to keep with my budget and spend more on the CPU and GPU... Glad I did!

Video Card

And to the beauty of this build :D This GPU is OUTSTANDING! I got it for $190 on Black Friday, and would HIGHLY recommend buying if you can find it under $200. Seems to stay cool even under load, and fans are super quiet! Great for budget gaming.


Pretty good case. I would have liked a "basement" to store all of my non-modular PSU cables, but this is great for a budget case. Looks snazzy, and even comes with 2 fans! The fans are 3 pin, but they are still SUPER QUIET and are good enough to keep my whole build cool. I got it for $30, which is a steal.

Power Supply

Good enough to power everything I have, but I wish that I would have bought a modular power supply.


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you had me at the name

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I'm super biased when it comes to Mac vs Windows :D

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When the website that everyone who will ever see this is on has pc in the name, I wouldn’t expect to find too many Mac fans

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I mean, it isn't...

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I wasn't lying!