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Haswell Is Here!

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philip June 2, 2013

Intel 4th generation Haswell CPUs and a large selection of compatible motherboards hit the shelves this morning and are available for purchase from several retailers. To see prices and add them to your part lists, check them out here:

As with other CPUs and Motherboards on the site, PCPartPicker provides automatic compatibility guidance to make sure your CPU and motherboard are compatible.

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Hakumisoso 2 Builds 2 points 71 months ago

Everyone is saying to not upgrade from sandy or ivy to this. But what should i get if i am not upgrading? No one reccomends one over the other people just say it is not worth the upgrade.

linkgx1 2 points 71 months ago

Get a better GPU if you have to spend the money. The performance increase really isn't worth it unless you're really concerned with energy.

Hakumisoso 2 Builds 1 point 71 months ago

ugh that's not what i said. i currently do not have anything to upgrade from. just a laptop. its either haswell or ib for a STARTER not an upgrade.

logger 1 point 71 months ago

I would stick with Haswell. It has introduced a new socket, 1150, which means you have the option to upgrade to Intel's next release (the tick in this cycle). There are no upgrades coming for 1155/Ivy Bridge. It's up to you though - Ivy Bridge is still a little cheaper at the moment.

linkgx1 1 point 71 months ago

@ logger, but I think 1150 will end with Skywell. So unless one is planning on upgrading to Broadwell.....

Isaiah4110 1 point 71 months ago

Intel seems to be sticking with each socket for only two processor lines these days... Broadwell should still use 1150, but I expect Intel will switch to a new socket for Skywell.

linkgx1 -6 points 71 months ago

Your question didn't make sense anyways. Please write better.

NickwithaC 4 points 71 months ago

Learn to read better.

what should i get if i am not upgrading?

Austn 1 Build 1 point 71 months ago

He just said it would be better to spend more money on a GPU rather than getting Haswell over Ivy/Sandy. He didn't say anything about upgrading.

Anyways, my recommendation would be to get Haswell if you're budget is over $800-1000. If under or between, it might be better to go with Ivy.

The build I'm trying to build right now has a 4th gen cpu/mobo for only $40 more than the same 3rd gen cpu/mobo. I'd say that would be worth it then.

linkgx1 0 points 71 months ago

Could have come up with a better reply, but I digress.....

Isaiah4110 1 point 71 months ago

I'm in a similar situation (Currently operating on an old Socket 739 Athlon64 in one PC and LGA775 Presler model, Pentium D 930 in another) looking to build a new PC.

My initial intention was to definitely go with Haswell as I didn't expect such a big price difference between the two, but now I'm not sure. Haswell obviously has some performance upgrades over IvyBridge, but are they worth the extra price?

The bigger difference in my mind is the platform change. In the end you have to ask yourself, "Do I want to build my new PC on a dead socket and thereby limit my upgrade-ability or pay a little more but have the potential to upgrade just the CPU but not MB at a later date?"

adamisepic 2 points 71 months ago

A lot of high powered build on haswell with overclocking will easily exceed 1200 watts, could you add support for cases with dual PSU support

Jimmy 1 point 71 months ago

There are reliable psu out there that are more than 1200 watts.

Guy_on_internet -1 points 71 months ago

That's not what Adam asked though, is it?

Jimmy 3 points 71 months ago

I was suggesting that instead of using multiple PSU. He seemed to believe 1200 watts was the most a psu could output.

Guy_on_internet 1 point 71 months ago

Yeah, I misunderstood your (quite legitimate) post. I apologize.

Jimmy 1 point 71 months ago

No problem.

[comment deleted]
rhandyrhoads 5 Builds 2 points 71 months ago

Are you going to add the GTX 700 series anytime soon? EDIT: Just checked its there now.

yopeasants 2 points 71 months ago

Microcenter had the nerve to raise the i7-3770k's price instead of lowering it like they should...

Austn 1 Build 1 point 71 months ago

Same with the i5-3570k =/

redrubberpenguin 1 Build 1 point 71 months ago

Well, they DID say the lower i5-3570k price would expire in numerous ads...

Austn 1 Build 1 point 71 months ago

Bad time to have it expire though.

binaries 2 points 71 months ago

No Gigabyte sniper series mobo's yet?

Jimmy 2 points 71 months ago

The Gigabyte G1 series needs to be added for Haswell.

owensar 2 Builds 1 point 71 months ago

Yes, the Snipers need to be added when you get a moment. Awesome work.

Black5Lion 2 points 71 months ago

Please add the Xeon-E3 V3, those are compatible with socket lga 1150 boards. Here is the Xeon 1230 v3 @ newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116906&Tpk=xeon%201230%20v3&IsVirtualParent=1

NUCRNeu 1 point 66 months ago

I also want this

candy 2 Builds 1 point 71 months ago

Why aren't there the Richland APUs? Did they come out to recently..?

philip staff submitter 10 Builds 2 points 71 months ago

There's the A4-4000, but I believe that's it for now. You can find it here:


candy 2 Builds 5 points 71 months ago

The new rest of them just came out:

AMD A10-6800K 4.1GHz (Awesome clock speed) http://bit.ly/10Ietin

AMD A10-6700 3.7GHz http://bit.ly/11pzmxB

AMD A8-6600K 3.9GHz http://bit.ly/11pzlJX

AMD A8-6500 3.5GHz http://bit.ly/15ap0GE

AMD A6-6400K 3.9GHz http://bit.ly/11zrHT7

linkgx1 1 point 71 months ago

Meh. I'm in my return period for my motherboard and processor (Ivy Bridge). Reviews hasn't been favorable...at least on the desktop side.

mysticode 1 point 71 months ago

Any update of when the newer Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM will be on the site?

Oliver 5 Builds 1 point 71 months ago

I think part of it is also inflation.

Jimmy 1 point 71 months ago

Philip, you added the Sniper M5 board wrong. The site says it has a maximum of 2W TDP.

philip staff submitter 10 Builds 2 points 71 months ago

Yow. Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now.

Jimmy 1 point 71 months ago

Thank you for fixing it, I was completely confused when the part picker said it was incompatible with the 4770K until I read the note.

jelsdaconq 1 point 70 months ago

Is the Geforce GTX-760 graphics card a good partner with the Haswell i7-4770k CPU? Also will a EVGA/Gigabyte/MSI version of Geforce graphics card work on an ASUS motherboard or does that depend on what PCI version it is regardless of manufacturer?

a1sealc4 1 Build 0 points 71 months ago

When Skywell is out the cheapest i7 will be $1000 intel is out of control with their pricing.

[comment deleted]
philip staff submitter 10 Builds 7 points 71 months ago

I don't think there is sufficient information for me to be able to provide guidance one way or the other regarding Haswell and PSU compatibility for low power states. There does appear to be a viable workaround with disabling the power states via the BIOS, but to be honest the issue sounds like speculation at this point. (I'm also a little skeptical of the article for raising concerns that might mean a new PSU purchase, while only explicitly naming/linking to a single manufacturer.)

[comment deleted]