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Captaincow285 11 months ago

So for whatever reason, despite our best efforts, PCs tend to develop a mind of their own. My Thinkpad loved to chew up RAM and not let it go, and my mother's Mac Mini has resisted every update and software installation attempt since 2011.

What interesting quirks have your PCs developed?

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vagabond139 5 Builds 4 points 11 months ago

My last full AMD build liked to function as a space heater.

Ice44 1 Build 1 point 11 months ago


tragiktimes101 1 Build 1 point 11 months ago

Are you sure your last AMD space heater didn't double as a computer?

slkipp 1 Build 2 points 11 months ago

Mine behaves perfectly.

manirellis_fridge 1 point 11 months ago

My PC likes moving my Chrome icon right next to the recycle bin for no reasons, I think my PC is a covert agent for Yahoo or something...

Captaincow285 submitter 1 point 11 months ago

My Thinkpad did it with my personal folder. It wanted to ruin my life.

BattleDor 1 Build 1 point 11 months ago

Completely unexplainable temps, I’ll run a nice 77(gpu) playing Witcher 3 but like 83 in counter strike. I’m comfortable with those temps, it’s just that Witcher 3 is a much more demanding game you’d think my gpu would run hotter just weird anomalies like that. My mom’s Mac mini refuses to save passwords or stay iCloud verified for more than a week.

X47man 1 Build 1 point 11 months ago

Deciding that my thumb drive has "errors."

Alex.88 1 point 11 months ago

My current build has been working great - nothing really unexpected has happened, and I think it's because I'm using all brand new and modern parts, buuut...

Almost all my previous PCs have been a hodgepodge of very old, old, and generally used parts, so most of the systems took quite a bit to get running, and even when done as right as possible, they all, very very much, had they're own personalities. My dad used to work in IT, and we'd get a whole array of hardware and software for free as companies didn't want their old stuff, and couldn't sell it for much otherwise.
The downside of getting that is everything is then DIY (we enjoy it of course though), sifting though what was actually unusable/obsolete or still useful, and that there are no guarantees of compatibility, or anything really. Older hardware and software seemed to be a lot more trial and error/guessing at what worked, compared to nowadays where almost everything is documented in some way (more documentation from companies, a lot more forums, text, pictures, and video help, etc).
Old as in the old, huge CRT monitors, the original DOS, Windows 3.1, many a beige PC reconstructed multiple times, etc. When I first saw a 'thin' LCD display (but even those still had huge 3-4"+ bezels holding a tiny 13" or 15" screen, compared to nowadays) it blew my mind that monitors didn't have to be 30 lbs.+ things taking up over half the desk.
So I wish I could pinpoint one 'personality', but there's been a whole gamut of possibilities.

And not just the PC itself, combine that with dial-up internet, for example - I'd like to see how people would react with the 'speed' of dial-up nowadays. Downloads of 56 kbit/sec, in practice really about 40 to 50 kbit/sec. I'll let you to the math from there (a few hours to download one .mp3 song). And it tied up the phone line unless you had a second line.

Not to mention everything we've seen from helping troubleshoot PCs of family and friends, that's a whole other topic.

Shakaron 4 Builds 1 point 11 months ago

I've got a 1440p monitor for main display. I've also got a 1024 x 768 for diagnostics. A 4K TV is connected as a 3rd display, for watching stuff from the couch. :)

Now, every now and then my 1440p display (2560 x 1440) does not display things 2560 pixel wide, but 1-2 pixel less!!!! On the right side, other garbage data is displayed. The garbage is typically from other part of the off-screen images.

If I disconnect the other 2 devices and leave only my main 1440p connected, things get fixed.

I don't blame the personality of my PC though, I blame Microsoft. XD

Ice44 1 Build 1 point 11 months ago

well my new nas that I built decides its gonna turn on whenever I flip the power switch on the psu to on... My main pc likes to take 5 seconds to load and then a minute to load in the windows icons sometimes... Lmao

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