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A Couple Questions

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MalevolentSpoon 11 months ago

So, I know there's a huge markup for GPUs right now. Does anyone know where I can look, or who to ask about how big the difference is between prices now and the MSRP?

Also, just a general question concerning components as a whole: Blue is better for content creation, while red is better for gaming. Do I have that right, or is that backwards? Or does it even matter?

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macetotheface 1 point 11 months ago

What GPU's are you looking at currently?

As for your second statement, as of right now NVidia is better for gaming since AMD doesn't have anything to compete with the 1080 Ti. In the mid-range though, if the price is right, then it doesn't matter as the 580 is roughly equal to the 1060. For content creation, it depends entirely on what you are doing. They both have great options in either the 1700/1700x or the 8700k.

MalevolentSpoon submitter 1 point 11 months ago

The particular card I was thinking to upgrade to, from the build I got now, is a Vega 56. I'm trying to go from a kinda anemic build to a sort of mid-level one that's much more future-proof and capable.

I did wanna upgrade to a Ryzen 1600x for my one setup, and was asking about red/blue because I wanted to do two builds later down the road. Optimize this one for gaming and build a separate content PC, for streaming and 3D modeling for making mods

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