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ASUS Strix 1070 in Mini ITX Cases, will it fit?

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JCMsergox 11 months ago

So I've been taking a look into building an ITX system, with a dominantly-black color scheme. I haven't found many 1070 GPUs for a decent price that match it. I'm kind of settled on the STRIX 1070, but will an ITX case be able to support it, with it's slightly-overkill triple-fan cooling system?

The case in particular is either the NZXT Manta or the Phanteks ENTHOO EVOLV ITX TG.

The GPU Length on the spec sheets for both these cases say it will fit, but what Im worried about is the height, mostly. How will airflow be with a reasonably thick GPU right up next to the PSU Shroud? Or will the GPU even fit once GPU thickness is taken into equation?

Another thing Im worried about is the fan configuration for both of these cases. Will the GPU still fit if I have a bottom intake fan mounted on the front, or will I have to take the bottom front intake fan off to accommodate the GPU?


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