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I want an AMD gpu but...

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Lux_Luceat 11 months ago

I really, REALLY find it unfair consumerism how g-sync monitors are much more expensive than freesync monitors. I really don't want to pay that price premium. I'm currently heavily inclined to purchase a 1070 to play fairly comfortably in 1080p resolution and even hit 1440p nicely however monitor prices are deterring me from going with a decent 1440p monitor.

I want to use a amd gpu to lower my cost when it comes to monitors. However, I am a little biased in the fact that I believe 1060 > 480 (anyway you can't get 480's where I live anymore, only second hand ones).

At the same time, I believe 1070 > Rx vega 56 because: All vega gpu's here in Australia are blower style; Vega runs hotter/noisier and higher TDP; Vega 56 is $50-$80 more expensive; poor optimisation in games still waiting for drivers.


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