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Which GPU for CoD WW2 @60fps 1080p

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kilaman24 13 months ago

Looking to play CoD on ultra-high. My budget is in the $700 range, so looking to spend around $200 on the card. Playing at 60fps 1080p. Looks like its between the 1060 3gb, 1060 6gb, 580 4gb, and 580 8gb. I've been looking at benchmarks, but I definitely need some help.

Do I need the 6GB/8GB VRAM or with the 3GB/4GB be OK? Is there a significant performance difference between the two or should I just grab the cheaper one?

Thanks guys!!!

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tragiktimes101 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

For ultra-high I would definitely recommend the either the 1060 6GB or the RX-580 8GB. You might be able to skirt by with the 4GB model, though. As far as performance difference between 3/6GB and 4/8GB models there can be some, but it's not going to be huge (5 fps usually at most). The thing that worries me with the 3GB is the lack of VRAM at those settings. It could hold you back some. I, personally, would go with the 580 for the freesync considering they are pretty close performance wise.

kilaman24 submitter 1 point 13 months ago