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Question about the EK Phoenix CPU + GPU Cooler

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MithosX9 22 days ago

Hi there,

So I just saw the EK Phoenix CPU cooler which is basicly like a AIO Cooler but modular. I like it, since I dont really want a full custom loop. I also notice they have a block for the 2080 Ti RTX. So it is possible to both watercool the CPU and the GPU with the phoenix.

What I am confused about is connecting both AIO pumps to the motherboard. Since the Phoenix comes with a pump, I would want to use 2 radiators, 1 for the CPU and 1 for the GPU (dual loop). However the motherboard (Asus Apex XI) only has one connection for an AIO pump (like every MB).

How do I connect the second pump?

My second question would be, is do I need a 2080 TI Founders Edition to install this on: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-mlc-gpu-core-vector-rtx2080-ti-rgb-nickel-plexi?

Im kinda new to this so no idea if these questions are stupid haha!



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