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H100i V2 Fan rpm problems

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ItsWolfee 22 days ago

Hello everyone maybe someone can help me out! I installed the aio cooler about a year ago on a x470 MSI gaming plus MB I downloaded the Icue software to move the fans and pump to extreme or balanced and quiet. When I put the fans and pump to extreme It sounded like a jet engine. Well About a month ago. I wanted to clean the fans, put new paste on and make it all good. Well after just unplugging the fans and pump. My computer wouldn't boot into windows and automatic repair couldnt fix it. I had to do a clean install. After that today The fans wont go past 1900 and it doesn't sound like it used to when I put it on extreme.

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dschutt84 3 Builds 1 point 21 days ago

Have you tried corsair link? Also changing out a cooler shouldn’t cause you to error windows to the point of reinstall. They have nothing in direct correlation with each other.