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Reporting a Case to CPU Cooler Incompatability

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mtrickz 16 days ago

I recently upgraded my build with a new Mobo and CPU, which of course required new RAM and CPU Cooler, The build link is here https://pcpartpicker.com/user/mtrickz/saved/xd8RJx Everything minus the SSD is correct (Couldn't find my current M.2 anywhere). The issue is the Corsair Case and the H60 Corsair Cooler, the back of the case where the back of the GPU pokes out to allow for HDMI's interferes with the radiator by about 2cm, the same part of the case turns into a curve which holds the Mobo bracket and the curve itself interferes with the corner of the radiator as well preventing it from sitting in front of the rear fan grate, i tried multiple different methods including bending those metal parts but ultimately it interfered with the Mobo bracket and the GPU brackets. i resorted to unscrewing the top of the case and allowing the radiator to sit up into the roof of the case but the screw holes on the radiator no longer line up with the holes on the case so i wedged it between the case roof and taped it in. needless to say i think i need a new case but i wanted to bring this up because the parts list say that its compatible when it isn't. i can post pictures if need be, i just wanted to make sure it doesn't show up as compatible anymore. let me know if i must report this somewhere else to get it resolved on the site.

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xPat 3 Builds 1 point 16 days ago

Maybe repost in this forum -


(for corrections also)